Top Cryptocurrencies With a Great Growth Potential – Part VIII

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This is a follow-up article to the list:   

With the continuous stream of new appearing cryptocurrencies, it’s unsurprising that it can become very difficult to single out the token or coin that is worth investing in. Our article will lend a helping hand to novice investors who are looking for cryptos with great potential growth in 2018.

Binance Coin  

Binance Coin (BNB) currently ranks 15th on CoinMarketCap, trading at $14.12 and a market cap of $1,609,955,105. It has a circulation supply of 114,041,290 BNB out of 194,972,068 BNB.

Binance Coin is the native coin of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. This exchange based in China became incredibly popular in just a few months due to its beneficial referral program, limited downtimes, and low fees.

Binance Coin is an ERC-20 based token and it will run exclusively on the Ethereum Blockchain along with other ERC-20 tokens. Binance Coin can be considered a worthy investment due to the fact that the exchange guaranteed they will buy back 50% of the total supply, bringing down the supply to 100 million. This will be achieved through quarterly burns of BNB coins that have been brought back. So far 30 million have been burned. By destroying the coins, this will increase the value of the remaining ones.

Currently, the Binance platform is one of the biggest exchanges not only in the Asian market but also on the global market. With a processing value of 1.4 million orders per second, they are definitely a well-established exchange that will continue to have future developments.

Since the coin was developed to operate on the platform, it also incorporates unique features. BNB tokens also ensure discounts on the platform on trading fees if they use the token.
Considering its advantages, Binance’s coin is not only for long-term investments but also for short-term investments, seeing as it is backed up by a very reputable and powerful exchange.

Huobi Token

Huobi Token (HT) currently holds the 52nd position on CoinMarketCap, with a price of $3.86 USD and a market cap of $193,170,273 USD. HT has a circulation supply of 50,000,200 HT out of a 500,000,000 HT total supply.

The Huobi Token is an ERC20 token developed by the Korean cryptocurrency exchange Huobi. When the token was first launched in May, it saw an increase of approximately 70%.

The recent 24-hour volumes of $67,517,500 USD clearly show that there a are a lot of transactions with the Huobi token. Additionally, this also means that HT has high. Because of this high liquidity, investors will find it easy to purchase the token.

Occasionally, HT holders will have the exclusive opportunity to make suggestions to the Huobi Pro platform through surveys. They will also be able to benefit from special events such as getting newly listed tokens on Huobi Pro now and again.

HT has various features and uses on the platform, the most basic use of HT being the discounts offered on trading fees, which can go up to 50 percent. This is similar to how Binance proceeds with its BNB.

Because of this, HT will be very attractive to whales (investors that hold a large amount of tokens) which handle huge volumes of cryptocurrencies. This will lead to a reduced amount of circulation from time to time, meaning there could be sharp increases in price from time to time.

Each quarter, Huobi Pro will buy back its tokens from the open market by using 20% of its profits, which will also decrease the total supply of HT. All the HT that will be reacquired will be assigned to Huobi Investor Protection Fund (HIPF) in a certain percentage.

The HIPF has the purpose of protecting investors’ profits and compensate for the Huobi users’ losses when they make risky investment moves on the platform, as well as ensuring market stability.

The tokens will also be traded in a higher volume as Huobi is currently ranked as the 6th largest exchange right now by volume, which will lead to a significant increase in the price of these tokens.


Bitshares (BTS) is ranked 32 on CoinMarketCap, currently trading at $0.132642 USD and a market cap of $349,758,384 USD. There are 2,636,860,000 BTS circulating on the market out of a total supply of 3,600,570,502 BTS.

Bitshares (BTS) is the native cryptocurrency of the BitShares platform. Bitshares is a decentralized exchange and cryptocurrency platform, but according to its founder, Daniel Larimer, it is more than that. Larimer describes BitShares as being a software, a network, an exchange, a bank, a ledger, and a currency.

But in spite of its many features, BitShares is mostly known for being an exchange for “smart assets” which are backed up by the platform’s cryptocurrencies, which can be pegged against traditional assets including fiat currency or gold.

The platform enables anyone to create user-issued assets (UIA) on the BitShares blockchain
in a decentralized manner. These digital assets can be made to be used for a diverse array
of roles.

Bitshares’ MIT-licensed Graphene 2.0 technology is regarded as being a high-end innovation developed for large-scale industry, and, because of this, there are a number of applications and developments being built on the technology. This will eventually lead to the emergence of a supportive ecosystem in which the BTS token will have more functionalities and uses.

Like most cryptocurrency projects, the power to attract investors in bitshares relies heavily on the success or failure of its parent platform. BitShares first appeared on the market in 2014, and since then it has been developing its platform to enable users to digitize their assets and trade them freely without intermediaries.

If the financial industry will take a great interest in the digitization of traditional assets and securities and if BitShares succeeds in becoming the platform of choice for this, then the value of bitshares (BTS) will consequently surge.

If you’re an interested investor, keep doing your research and find out which coin will be the
next game changer in the crypto market.

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