Top Cryptocurrencies With a Great Growth Potential – Part X

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Finding the next big thing in the crypto market can be a daunting task as there are so many new projects and coins popping up on a daily basis. Most of them are carbon copies of older projects, and some are just straight up scams. You’ve spent countless of hours reading whitepaper after whitepaper, but you are still skeptical if the project is worth your money. It’s understandable; all investors must put in a lot of hours researching and studying before making a financial decision.

To make things just a bit easier, we’ve selected a few cryptos which we think are worth a look at. Today we will be analyzing three cryptocurrencies that we think may have the potential to become valuable investments.


Neblio (NEBL) holds the 152nd position on Coinmarketcap, and it currently has a price of $3.83. The circulating supply of tokens is 13,274,134 NEBL, from a total of 14,016,150 NEBL.

Neblio is an enterprise blockchain platform on which there are built tools and services enterprises of all sizes in an accessible, fast, and secure way.

Neblio blockchain’s powers the necessary tools which can be used to create decentralized applications (dApps) specifically made for business and enterprise clients.

The main objective of Neblio is to grant free access to the modern day DLT-distributed ledger or database technology. For that reason, to secure the blockchain/DLT-database, it uses a proof of stake consensus protocol employed through its native NEBL tokens.

NEBL tokens on the blockchain network are used as an incentive for its users and to secure and operate the network by administrating nodes from all over the world. This network of users form a decentralized global network ran by NEBL transactions that transfer the data that is recorded on the blockchain.

Profits can be earned by participating and staking a certain amount of NEBL tokens in the network. NEBL is also used to pay the fees for platform services. Furthermore, NPT-1 tokens, which the dApps will be using, can be converted only when NEBL is used as the primary gas.

As dApps developments are becoming more prevalent, it’s safe to say a niche of decentralized applications for enterprises will become relevant in the future.


Augur (REP) has been ranked 31st by CoinMarketCap, currently being priced at $35.46. Its current circulating supply is of 11,000,000 REP.

Augur is a decentralized prediction market which runs on Ethereum’s blockchain. What separates Augur from existing prediction markets is that it is a decentralized platform, which provides several advantages over centralized prediction markets.

By offering a decentralized solution, Augur enables individuals from across the globe to place inquiries regarding the outcome of a future event, along with buying and selling shares on the outcome of any market they want to take part in. Furthermore, it lets thousands of users to report on outcomes, therefore eliminating the need to trust in an individual reporter.

Augur REP is a digital token that signifies the reputation of each participant in the Augur network and is one of the major tokens that have been issued on Ethereum’s blockchain. As its name suggests, it literally means ‘reputation’ for those that report the outcomes of the events.

REP is used entirely by the users that report the true outcomes of events. Contrary to what some might believe, REP does hold real monetary worth because its possession is the only way to access 50 percent of all trading fees that happen on the Augur network.

The proportion of the total REP a holder possesses equals to the proportion he owns of all of the trading fees within the network, so consequently, the REP token will be of real monetary value.

Since it is expected that the trading fees will consist of one percent of Augur’s total volume, and that trading fees get distributed evenly between reputation holders and market creators, REP holders therefore collectively receive 0.5 percent of all market fees.

The total 11 million REP tokens represent 0.5 percent of trading fees; therefore, if you own X amount of REP, you can claim X / 22,000,000 of all of the market fees that take place on the Augur network.
Participants are motivated to act fairly and unbiased, because if a wide majority of REP holders are untruthful, no more users will need the platform’s services.

Augur proposes a better model to centralized prediction markets. The technology behind it has great potential, introducing such markets to a wider audience.

Request Network

Request Network (REQ) is ranked 149th on CoinMarketCap, being priced at $0.07, with a circulating supply of 697,341,633 REQ out of a total supply of 999,991,397 REQ.

Considered by many as the next decentralized PayPal, Request is a decentralized network which lets its users request a payment (a Request Invoice) for which the recipient can pay securely.

Seeing as all of the information is kept in a decentralized authentic ledger, this automatically leads to cheaper, faster, and more secure payments, while also generating a variety of automation prospects.
This blockchain projects aim to create a financial system that will become the standard for invoices, accounting, auditing, and payments for both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

In order for the transaction to go through, the REQ token is used in a small amount for these transactions, and as more transactions occur, the fees will get lower, which will eventually reach small sums such as 0.001 of a single REQ coin for a transaction.

This will ensure that a demand of REQ tokens exists while the system is in use. Also, those that want to pay for using the Request Network don’t need to own the REQ coins personally — they can just use the currency they want to make the payment with.

REQ is still a new coin and it still lacks a bigger market recognition, but it still has time to develop and change the invoice payment industry.

We hope our article was of some help to you and to your quest of finding the crypto which will bring you substantial profits.

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