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It is not easy to find the top free bitcoin sites on the internet. Bitcoin (BTC) became very popular over the last years and investors from all over the world would like to get access to this virtual currency. There are some free bitcoin earning sites that help users get access to the largest virtual currency in just a few minutes and almost effortless. 

This guide will go through the best free bitcoin sites and how we can start using them to get BTC, or at least some satoshis. Take into consideration that there is nothing free right now. That means that you shouldn’t expect to earn massively large amounts of money. Nonetheless, these BTC could help you start using digital assets for the first time. 

What are Free Bitcoin Sites?

Free bitcoin sites are different websites that give you the possibility to earn BTC (satoshis) in different ways and by performing different task and activities. These sites are known as faucets and they became very popular when Bitcoin was still not known by most of us. 

At that time, and shortly after the official BTC release, users were taking advantage of some of the best free bitcoin sites available. What does it mean? It means that they could make several BTC (in some cases even a whole BTC or more) to simply remain on a specific page. 

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Of course, as soon as the price of Bitcoin started moving higher, the rewards became smaller and smaller. Nowadays, new free bitcoin sites offer a few satoshis for your activities and tasks, making it very difficult for users to make real money using these platforms. 

Nonetheless, one thing is clear, it is very useful for individuals to start using digital currencies. If you do not know how to do it, then using free bitcoin sites could be one of the best ways to get the first contact with them. 

Furthermore, there are different types of free Bitcoin sites that would give different rewards depending on the task you perform. The best free Bitcoin earning sites, as mentioned before, were those providing users with BTC for performing a simple task. Nowadays, the best free Bitcoin sites are those that have low withdrawal limits and that does not require you to do many tasks to get some satoshis. 

Although free Bitcoin sites are usually the most popular (you receive Bitcoin), there are other virtual currencies that users could get. For example, if you like Litecoin (LTC) or Ethereum (ETH) you could also receive free coins. The sites work in the same way as for BTC. 

Types of Bitcoin Free Sites

As mentioned before, there are different free Bitcoin sites. However, it is very difficult to find free bitcoin sites legit. This is because it becomes certainly difficult to know which are those sites that pay, which have low withdrawal limits and more. 

The main types of free Bitcoin sites depend on the task that you want to perform. Some of them require you to simply be on the site while others reward you for your CPU power. In one way or another, they would reward you with coins (usually in satoshis). 

Take into consideration that you would earn more with some of these types of Bitcoin sites. This is because in some cases, you would be helping the website earn more money than others. Thus, if you are mining with your CPU, then this might be more profitable than simply clicking on images or completing captchas. 

We should also take into account that one of the best things to do, if you want to get access to Bitcoin, is by purchasing it rather than using free Bitcoin sites. These sites could also be helpful for people in countries such as Venezuela or Argentina with massively large devaluations and economic problems. 

Free Bitcoin Mining Sites

This type of Bitcoin site could be one of the best ways to get access to some extra income. One of the best free bitcoin mining sites is Binance. You do not need to pay to register and you can start mining in just a few simple steps. 

In this case, you will not be rewarded for using a site. Indeed, Binance would only be the intermediary between you and the Binance pool. You would be mining BTC with your computing power that can be provided by ASIC miners or your GPU. 

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Nonetheless, take into consideration that mining with your CPU might require a lot of energy from your device and in many cases could shorten the shelf life of your device. Additionally, the rewards would not be large if you use your CPU and the cons outweigh the pros. 

Other free bitcoin mining sites would reward you with XMR just for using your CPU or GPU to mine XMR. These sites became very popular in the last few years. However, many of them are not operating anymore due to low profitability. 

Free Bitcoin Faucet Sites

Faucet sites are not among the highest paying free bitcoin sites in the world. Why? Because they usually reward users with just a few sats. That means that you would be conducting activities such as completing captchas. 

This can be something very easy to do. Indeed, it does not require a large effort from us. We could simply start doing the small task they request and earning satoshis. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get some sats and start using Bitcoin or even the lightning network (LN) – which requires you to pay lower fees for transfers. 

Additionally, this could be a great way for users to start earning satoshis if they find a way to automate the process. Although you would not be able to automate it with a bot, you could find a way to continue doing your daily tasks without this being an interference for you. 

Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites

This is another type of free Bitcoin sites in the market. Users are able to earn rewards by using cloud mining sites. How do they work? Rather than purchasing the mining rigs, you can rent them. Here you need an initial investment in order to start earning some funds over time. 

One of the problems of free Bitcoin cloud mining sites is related to the fact that they were mostly scam. There have been several of these projects that went out of business (they were not efficient) and people stopped using them. In some other cases, there were scammers that tried using users’ investments and then disappeared with the funds. 

There are much better options right now in the market rather than cloud mining sites. It depends on the type of strategy you are following and which is the amount of money you want to make. 

Best Free Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Among the top free Bitcoin sites, we find gambling websites that accept Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as a means of payment. These are great sites if we compare them with the previously mentioned platforms. It becomes easy for users to get services if they start playing in the casino.

Tether Gambling

The Bitcoin casino industry is now growing on a daily basis. There are new platforms and games added on a regular basis to these sites. This shows that there is a genuine interest from the crypto community in casino and gambling sites. 

Gambling sites accepting Bitcoin are free. However, you need to deposit money if you want to start playing on these platforms. This is why it depends on whether you enjoy playing casino games or not. 

If you want to earn some extra Bitcoin by playing casino games, then these sites could be a great way to do so. Nevertheless, you can also lose your funds. These are gambling sites and do not give free BTC. 

Best Free Bitcoin Sites

As you can see, there are many free Bitcoin sites around the world. It is sometimes difficult to properly decide which one to use as some of them might be better than others. This is why we have decided to do a list of some of the top free Bitcoin sites that are currently available in the crypto market. 

Among the top 10 free Bitcoin sites we find the following ones:

The faucet is one of the oldest faucets in the market. At the moment, users can earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) after performing a few simple tasks. Take into consideration that Bitcoin Cash is not the same as Bitcoin (BTC). Thus, you would not get BTC but instead BCH. 

You can download the wallet that is offered by, verify it with google and then you can receive a small amount of BCH directly to your wallet. This is how simple it is to get your first BCH.

The faucet is one of the most advanced in the market. If you really want to start earning some satoshis, then this could be the site you want to use. The company claims to be one of the oldest and best BTC faucets on the internet. 

As per the site, users can get up to $200 in free BTC through their Bitcoin faucet every single hour. They also claim that there are no frills or hidden agenda. Everything can be performed in just seconds using this site. 

You can also play different games and perform tasks that would award you with small BTC amounts. The more you engage, the higher the payment would be. It depends on you how much you want to spend on the site earning satoshis. 

This is another Bitcoin faucet that is rewarding users for doing simple tasks. You need to create a new account if you want to start earning, play the multiplier they offer and complete the tasks and offers that will be available on their app or site. 

At the same time, they do not only include some simple tasks, but they would also offer you the possibility to do surveys on a daily basis to earn thousands of satoshis. Another way to earn BTC is by watching different videos that would be displayed by this platform. 

There will also be several bonuses and interest. For each day you participate, you get a loyalty bonus. Moreover, you can earn 5% interest on the coin balance that you have as soon as you surpass 35,000 satoshis. Referrals would also give you some commissions. 

Blockchain Poker

Blockchain poker is a no-limit Texas Hold’em game that allows you to play and earn Bitcoin. You do not need to create an account or sign up. You can start playing in just a few seconds and get rewarded. Users can select to play with BTC or BCH. Everything depends on what they like the most. 

Players will receive satoshis to play and start the game. As soon as you drop below 50 satoshis, you would have to top up the balance to 100, which requires you to wait some time. However, there is a minus to this game, you would have to reach 100k satoshis to request a withdrawal.  Although this is somehow high, it could be a good way to start getting in touch with the crypto industry. 


Another Bitcoin faucet that we can find right now in the market is Bitcoinker. Users can get up to 100,000 satoshis every 5 minutes. Users can receive their rewards in just a few simple steps. They require a Bitcoin address, they have to solve the “captcha” and finally click on the “Claim Bitcoin” button. 

Users can also earn referral rewards. What does it mean? That you can promote this free Bitcoin site and get rewarded with 10% of referral commissions every time that they claim their funds. 

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Other Types of Free Bitcoin Sites

There are other types of free Bitcoin sites available. For example, there are some apps that reward users with satoshis for playing games or for other types of actions. This could take some time but they are also funny. 

If you have spare time and you want to play some simple games, these apps could be the best for you. The bad thing about these applications and sites is that they are full of third-party content and ads. This is because these ads provide the necessary funds for the page and most of the free bitcoin sites to properly run. 

In the long term, using faucets could be a good idea. Nevertheless, in the short term, these pages might not be so profitable as expected.

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