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The platform is the first of its kind in the financial world as it’s set to launch a blockchain based application where investors buy and sell various financial instruments. The platform plans to offer foreign exchange and CFDs for global equities, commodities, oil, precious metals and so much more to a wide range of global investors. will also allow trading of cryptocurrencies on their platform with the use of their official token, the TradeToken, which is to act as a medium of exchange and also a store of value.

Pioneers of Platform platform is built by Fintech firm, registered in 2017 in the city of Zug, Switzerland (aka CryptoValley). Fintech is managed by CEO Jim Preissler who is a Yale graduate with many years experience in private equities and banking investments. already has two regulated brokers, Primus Capital Markets UK Ltd. (PCM) and FX Primus Europe (CY) Ltd. (FXPRIMUS) as its early adopters.

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How Works

The platform was built to bring change to the current financial market and also to help individuals and companies likewise save money by reducing and eliminating high fees and ineffectiveness by making use of its one of its kind Blockchain trading platform.

Benefits of Platform
  • With the Blockchain technology, you can expect complete transparency on the platform as every client account displays every transaction record.
  • With their official Trade Token, participation in the shared liquidity pool is made much more accessible.
  • Helping startups and existing organizations in fundraising and also listing them on the exchange platform.
  • Their plan to have the Trade Token, which is the platforms official token in the top 5 crypto assets based on market cap makes the token an excellent store of value.
  • Reducing high costs on investments and also eliminating market price manipulations by traditional brokers.
  • The Trade Token would be used to purchase goods and services in the nearest future.

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What is the Trade Token?

The Trade Token is an ERC-20 contract, which uses the TokenLib library which follows the standard with a burnToken function feature. This function makes it much easier for anyone to reduce the total number of Trade Tokens possessed.

Trade Tokens are the official tokens for the platform. The token is to facilitate the transactions on different assets. It will also be used to participate in the shared liquidity pool while participants receive daily payouts to their wallets. In future, holders of the Trade Token would be allowed to use their tokens in acquiring more issues and also other ICOs on as long as they are listed on the platform.

The TradeToken ICO Schedules plans to sell 275 million tokens during its ICO with Pre-ICO starting on the 7th of November to 21st November, 2017.

ICO proper starts on the 22nd of November and will come to an end on the 29th of November, 2017.

Prices of Trade Token for the Pre-ICO would be $1.15 per token. During the second week, prices are to increase to $1.25 per token and when main ICO commences costs per token would be as high as $3 per Trade Token.

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The company intends to implement and integrate their platform with blockchain technology by December 2017 while the platform would be fully launched sometime in April 2018.

In conclusion, the platform seeks to solve the current major problems of the financial market and using the Blockchain technology it seems to be the best way to go around that. Here is how the issues were described in their white paper:

“A whole ecosystem of banks, advisors, markets, and record keepers are extracting enormous fees from both investors and companies. On top of the inefficiencies created by high fees and low liquidity, existing trading platforms lack transparency, they have no third-party verification and often suffer from conflicts of interest.” as expected would be an excellent investment for investors who are interested in passive incomes such as the retirees, trusts, or wealthy families. Another great thing about owning the Trade Tokens is, unlike other investments such as annuities, mutual funds, or bonds, Trade Token is entirely liquid; you can get your money out anytime.

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