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Tradelize Ecosystem: Meeting All The Needs of Crypto Professional Traders

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As the cryptocurrency ecosystem becomes more professionalized and larger as time passes, traders are searching for new tools that would help them improve their trading strategies and performance. Although there are many platforms in the space, not all of them are able to meet the needs of exigent traders and users.

This is where Tradelize ecosystem appears. This cryptocurrency trading ecosystem has been thought in order to meet all the needs of professional traders. Users will be able to use a wide range of tools that are divided into three main components: the Tradelize Traders Network, the crypto terminal Tradelize and the Tradelize mobile application.  

Users will find that the whole ecosystem is fully customizable, allowing them to improve their trading strategies. Newcomers can easily start learning and improving their strategies by using demo accounts. 

Tradelize was created by a team of experts with ten years of experience that wanted to create an entire ecosystem to help investors in the market have the best possible experience while handling cryptocurrencies. This would let them adapt to the latest trends in the market and remain at the forefront of the industry. 

The Tradelize Terminal includes nine core instruments for professional traders, customized layouts, access from any device, customization, multi-exchange tracking tools, and more. Indeed, users can have a trading profile, sub-account profiles and demo accounts. In the future, the firm is expected to launch futures and margin trading as well. 

The arbitrage section provided by Tradelize will help users to search for new opportunities to make trades across a large number of exchanges in the industry. While performing arbitrage can be somehow tricky without live data from exchanges, Tradelize simplifies it for users and help them deal with all the traders they need in a profitable way. 

Basically, Tradelize is an ecosystem for traders to handle their funds faster and invest them in a smarter way. After operating in the last years, Tradelize is nowadays the favourite platform for experts to get the tools of professional markets, receive the information needed about exchanges and digital assets and remain in touch with the whole ecosystem. 

The social network created by Tradelize allows traders to learn and develop their crypto trading strategies. This is certainly positive for the cryptocurrency market and for users that are currently trading in the industry. 

With this platform, it will be possible for traders and crypto enthusiasts to learn, socialize and also earn after following professional traders’ moves in the crypto space. This will not only help newcomers but it will also have a positive impact on more professional traders that want to get an extra income or expand their trading strategies implemented in the market. 

One of the main features of this platform is the possibility for traders to create paid channels that would easily allow them to expand their knowledge about virtual currencies and digital assets. This means users will have the chance to stream their trades and help other enthusiasts to get new ideas on how to perform trades, enter the market or leave it in the correct moment. 

This service is called crypto mirroring and it helps traders copy other trades in an automatic way. This would reduce the time users need to invest in the platform and streamline the whole process. 

Finally, the rating that users receive for their trades is based on real-exchange statistics, making the whole platform much more trusted and transparent. This would make it easier for users to decide which are the best traders and which could provide them with the best solutions. 

Tradelize Trader’s Network

The Investment Portal Tradelize works as a social network that is based on a wide range of verified cryptocurrency statistics. This is certainly useful at a time in which false information spreads all over social networks and data is not necessarily checked. Technical and fundamental analysis are very useful for investors that are involved in the market and verified crypto statistics are certainly needed. 

The tools provided by the Tradelize crypto platform can be handled simultaneously or they can easily be linked in the trading terminal. While other platforms block this possibility, Tradelize focuses on offering the best services for traders to fulfil their needs. 

Indeed, individuals that do not have a large experience in crypto trading and financial markets can get the best information from professional traders. This would allow them to adapt to the new environment and ecosystem while gaining valuable information and knowledge from professional users and traders from all over the world. 

Many users will consider this one of the greatest platforms for traders. Indeed, users will have the possibility to create their own strategies by getting information from professional traders based on their market performance. 

This is a great tool for traders and investors. Content creators (traders and analysts) can build a professional profile and share the performance and thoughts behind the trades they perform. They will not only get recognized by the community but they will also get profits for the work they perform. 

Some of the content provided by the traders is going to be available only to some paid subscribers, making it even more exclusive. Traders will also allow other users to see and follow the trades as they happen or even with a predefined delay. 

Furthermore, for those users that want to learn how to maximize their profits, the Tradelize Trader’s Network would allow them to track and copy trades made by professionals. In order to do so, they can easily start following traders that would provide information about the markets they should focus on, the number of funds they should use and when to enter or exit the market. 

The good thing for traders that provide this information is that they can get paid on a subscription base or by setting a profit percentage basis. 

Professional Terminal Created For and By Specialists

This platform can be compared to trading terminals for institutional traders. Indeed, Tradelize has been designed and created for professional traders, prop companies, funds and other large investors that want to have the best trading experience in the crypto market. 

Tradelize is also offering the possibility for users to have advanced charts and an extensive list of trading indicators for them to be able to easily trade in the cryptocurrency market. Indeed, users will be able to draw charts, perform technical analysis and improve their performance. Furthermore, it is also possible to compare the price of a trading pair on a broad number of exchanges. 

In the last years, a larger number of companies and financial firms has been entering the industry and searching for solutions to trade virtual currencies. In the future, as the space gets bigger and more professional, firms would require better platforms and Tradelize is getting ready to meet the needs of all the professional traders. 

Although the platform can be used by enthusiasts, the expert team behind Tradelize created this platform by taking into account stock and futures markets that provide the most convenient solutions for professionals and expert traders. 

For more exigent traders, the platform can be compatible with several monitors to get most of the information needed at all times. While other platforms can provide similar solutions, not all of them are 100% customizable, adapted and professionally built. 

The Portfolio management system created by Tradelize would allow users to intuitively control and create their portfolios, exchange different assets, and process automatic account P&L calculations. 

In the future, the platform is also expected to add new solutions and services that would improve even further the offering for individuals and traders. 

Mobile Platform For Tradelize

Nowadays, mobile phones and tablets play an important role in our lives. This is why many platforms in the crypto market are also offering mobile and portable solutions for users. Tradelize is following the trend with a mobile application, which makes it easy for dynamic traders to handle their funds and operate in the market. 

Although some exchanges have crypto trading platforms created for mobile phones, there are not many specialized financial crypto platforms with an application for smartphones. This is going to help individuals and traders remain in touch with the market and the whole community even when they are far from their offices, workplace, home or desktop computer. 

In addition to it, users will have the chance to imitate other traders and become profitable in the market. Having this powerful tool in your smartphone and just by downloading an application would make it very easy for you to be part of the market. 

In addition to it, users will have the possibility to read traders, publish premium content in a paid channel and handle most of the tools provided by Tradelize. 

The application provides users with access to fast and simple trading investing everywhere you are. Moreover, traders will receive unique reports with information about fees, transactions, costs and more. 


Tradelize is a cryptocurrency trading ecosystem that is composed by the Tradelize Trader’s Network, the Tradelize Crypto Trading Terminal and the Mobile Application. The ecosystem was created to meet the requirements of the most exigent traders in the cryptocurrency space.  Although the ecosystem targets professional traders, it can also be a great tool for individuals that are learning how to trade. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents