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UltrAlpha Announced Temporary Trading Halt Three Days after Initial Listing

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August 15th, 10am EDT, UltrAlpha (Token: UAT), the innovative comprehensive digital investment management service platform, announced its exclusive primary listing on BitMax.io (BTMX.com), the industry-leading digital asset trading platform, under the trading pair: UAT/BTC, UAT/USDT. After 72 hours, UAT trading was temporarily halted.


UltrAlpha service platform is launched with the key mission to alleviate one of the major pain points in the digital investment management market where investors have limited access to good investment management products from third-parties. It has attracted much attention since its inception with its industry leading institutional investors. Furthermore, Dr. George Cao, the Co-founder & CEO of BitMax.io (BTMX.io), has confirmed to take on the strategic advisor role and share his expertise in the UAT token economic model design. UltrAlpha successfully concluded its three-round public sale to BitMax.io users and raised 2 million USDT. While the public are still inquiring the reasons for the trading halt, the UltrAlpha team made the following official announcements.

1. Introduction of Permanent Lock-up UAT Token

UltrAlpha announced that the transaction fee for the trading pairs of UAT/BTC and UAT/USDT will be paid in UAT, subject to permanent lock-up after the resume of UAT trading. UAT tokens consumed as transaction fees will be automatically transferred to the permanent lock-up address every day. Additionally, UAT/USDT and UAT/BTC trading pairs will not be eligible for referral reward. It is worth noting that BitMax.io stands out from many other digital asset trading platforms with its industry first “Reverse-mining” model and unique token economics mechanism. Leveraging Dr. George’s expertise in that regards, UAT is striving to build in similar function in support of its token valuation model on the longer-term basis.

2. B-Tech Fundraising on UltrAlpha Service Platformn for Blockchain Project Incubation

BTech, a newly formed incubator with major stake from BitMax.io, focusing on the acceleration and development of blockchain projects, will conduct fund raising exclusively on UAT service platform. This will be an exclusive opportunity for potential accredited investors to participate in the fund-raising of a top-tier incubator in the digital asset space. To participate in the fundraise, users must pay transaction fees in UAT token. As usual, all UAT consumed as transaction fees is subject to permanent lock-up. Rules of B-Tech fund-raising will be announced by UltrAlpha official shortly.

B-Tech aims to deliver a high standard of excellence to their portfolio projects. And its fundraising on UltrAlpha also brings in additional market demand for UAT token, as well as supports the overall balance of the circulation.

To learn more about UltrAlpha, please visit the links below:

Website: https://UltrAlpha.io

Telegram: https://t.me/UltrAlphaInternationalOfficial

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/UltrAlphaOfficialAnnouncements

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UAT_Official

Medium: https://medium.com/@UAT_official

Email: [email protected]


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