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UltrAlpha, Innovative Digital Asset Management Service Platform, Announced Start of Three-round Public Sale on August 12

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UltrAlpha (UAT), a professional digital asset management service platform, announced 

the public sale schedule starting from August 12, 2019. This platform is designed to connect investors with broad range of financial products and provide fund admin services for investment and trading teams, aiming to alleviate one of the major pain points in the digital asset management market.

1. Lack of Formal Broker Dealer Structure – Major Pain Point of the Industry

With the global policy development and adoption of digital assets underway, the digital asset management market is getting ready to embrace the entrance of professional investment institutions. However, due to lack of formal broker dealer structure in the digital asset industry, potential investors have limited access to good investment or wealth management products. In the meantime, it is also difficult for trading teams or digital asset investment and trading firms to reach out to the right investors for fundraising. Broker dealers, as an integral part of capital market structure in traditional finance, play critical role to connect investors with investment products as well as to support the fund’s capital raising needs. As this broker dealer function is yet to be fully developed in the digital asset industry, the effective communication mechanism between investors and investment targets has been lagging.

2. Driven by Market Demand, UltrAlpha Streamlines the Collaboration between Potential Investors and Asset Management Firms


Under current market conditions, digital asset exchanges are probably the most effective among all market participants to connect and serve both trading clients and investors. Built upon deep strategic relationship with major top tier digital asset trading platforms and brokers, UltrAplha strives to provide investors with a professional investment service platform for selecting quality investment products or strategies, as well as to effectively support fund raising needs of trading teams and digital funds. Furthermore, the platform will offer a wide range of fund administrative services for trading teams and funds, including but not limited to account management, performance auditing, PL reporting, asset transfer, etc.

3. UltrAlpha – a Professional Platform That Serves Both Asset Management Teams and Investors

As a professional digital asset management service platform, UltrAlpha’s core teams of operations and technology are seasoned professionals and executives from traditional finance, Internet and Blockchain industries. Leveraging their solid experience in quant modeling, infrastructure buildout and digital asset trading operations, the UltrAlpha team have made its core mission to provide investors and digital asset management teams with a broad selection of quality products and value-added services.

UAT platform’s comprehensive service offering to asset management teams: 

  • Work with all the professional asset management and trading teams to coordinate the launch of their investment products.
  • Open up all the investment products to top-tier digital asset exchanges or trading platforms. 
  • A series of professional fund admin services to asset management teams, ranging from account management, performance audit to PL reporting as well as various other administrative management services. 

UAT platform’s comprehensive service offering to fund investors: 

  • Conduct independent due diligence (“DD”) on asset management fund and share DD result per request. 
  • Provide wallet management service for each investment product to safeguard client asset. Conduct fund performance audit and PL reporting for each investment product.
  • Investors can utilize and consume UAT token on the platform for any inquiry, transfer, redemption and other administrative operational services on adhoc basis. 
  • The activities of the UAT platform are of a supporting service nature, solely restricted to connecting trading teams/funds with their end customers, and shall not carry out any fund/securities management, financial advisory, investment, brokerage, deposit taking or banking activities.

4. UltrAlpha Token (UAT) – Integral Part of Platform Service Ecosystem

UltrAlpha Token (UAT) is the native utility token of the platform, and serves as a major role in the platform ecosystem to facilitate payment and incentive programs for all the services between the participants on UAT platform.  It is critical mechanism to drive and support momentum for users to participate in activities on the UAT platform. One of the important use cases for UAT tokens as platform currency is to pay for all the services on the platform such as specific adhoc inquiry and reporting, transfer, redemption, etc. 

The limit of 500 million UAT is strictly imposed without any further increase. For any details on UAT token, please refer to White Paper at official website: UltrAlpha.io

UltrAlpha will launch its THREE rounds of public sale to BitMax.io (BTMX.com) users on August 12th to 14th. Please check out UltrAlpha.io for more details and follow current news through UltrAlpha Official Community: https://t.me/Ultralphaofficial

To learn more about UltrAlpha, please visit the links below: 

Website: https://ultralpha.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UAT_Official

Telegram: https://t.me/Ultralphaofficial

Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/ultralphaann

Email: [email protected]

Medium: https://medium.com/@UAT_official


Table of Contents


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