Universities in Ibero-America Offer Cryptocurrency Courses for Their Students

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There are different universities all around the world offering crypto-related courses to its students. In Ibero-America there are more than 5 educational institutions which are preparing future generations of experts in the blockchain and crypto world.

Ibero-America Prepares Students on Blockchain and Cryptos

In countries like Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela, there are some universities that offer courses for their students to understand the world of cryptocurrencies.

In Spain, the Universidad de Alcalá, offers a course known as ‘Master in Ethereum, Blockchain Technology and Crypto-Economics.’ The main intention is to offer a course for professionals, students or those interested in having knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

The University explains about the course:

“The objective of the study is to provide comprehensive training in the field of blockchain technology, DAOs and smart contracts, including cryptocurrencies as special and transversal case, from a triple perspective: technological, economic-financial and regulatory.”

In Argentina, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA), is offering a course known as ‘Cryptoeconomics: blockchain intelligent contracts and cryptocurrencies.” The course will run from July the 11th to September the 26th.

“It is designed especially for people who start from scratch or with very basic knowledge and who want to learn the reasons, mechanics and disruptive opportunities at a monetary, technological level and as a form of investment that is in the present and future in the world of crypto-economies.”

At UseTheBitcoin we were able to contact the University and they told us at the beginning of the year that the cost of the degree was £900. Due to fluctuations of the Argentine Peso, the price could be lower now.

The Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración, in Venezuela, is another of the universities that is offering cryptocurrency courses. The name of the course is ‘Cryptocurrency, blockchain and business in the new economy, opportunities and challenges for management and business.”

The course starts from July the 20 and ends on September the 29. There are different topics included, such as Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the evolution of money.

Other working in order to offer similar courses, including the Universidad Europea Madrid and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

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