University from Buenos Aires Offers Bachelor’s Degree in Cryptoeconomy

· 02 Jan 2018 in Crypto News, Home

Several Universities around the world are offering different courses about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. At UseTheBitcoin, we have covered several times how different educational institutions decided to offer these new topics to students.

The First Cryptocurrency University in Buenos Aires

Now, Latin America can be included on the list of continents with these proposals. The Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA), has launched a new career: Bachelor’s Degree in Cryptoeconomy: Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies.

“The program is for every single person that wants to start and acquire the basic and intermediate knowledge in order to understand the world of cryptocurrencies, tokens, ICOs, smart contracts and different available blockchains,” reads the description of the course.

The main intention is to introduce students to the world of cryptocurrencies. The career will cover different topics like the monetary and financial system, different programming languages, the way cryptocurrencies and blockchain work, how wallets and exchanges operate and more.

The course will be entirely online and will begin in March of the current year. In order to graduate, it will be necessary for the students to present a work that will include the different topics seen during the study period.

The director of the career is Nicolás Collbechi who has written a book about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and has been working in different technological enterprises.

A Higher Demand Means More and a Better Offer

Another institution, the Buenos Aires University, offers a course about Cryptography and security. In this way, Universities are adapting themselves, almost ten years after Bitcoin’s creation, to the new changing and challenging world.

Universities in the United States, Europe and other places are offering different careers for these new challenges that we are facing. More and more enterprises are using blockchain technology and various cryptocurrencies in order to process payments or exchange smart contracts.

According to a local newspaper, the director of the career has commented:

“The course was created because we see that there are several industries that are working with blockchain technology – banks, health, digital advertising – but there is a lack of awareness and craziness about Bitcoin.”

At UseTheBitcoin we have contacted the University but they did not give us an answer at press time.

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