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Use Bitcoin to Trade Commodities and Sports Markets

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With a market capitalization now exceeding $173 billion, investors across the globe are enamored with Bitcoin.

Perhaps you’ve seen Bitcoin described as a store of value, a speculative investment, or even a portfolio hedge. Although these characterizations are accurate, they obscure Bitcoin’s original purpose; Bitcoin is designed as an alternative currency, a medium of exchange. The ability to use Bitcoin in this manner is ultimately what gives it value.

BitTrade builds on this value proposition, providing a novel way to “Use the Bitcoin” to profit from movements in commodity and sports markets.


BitTrade is a simple exchange-like interface allowing users to speculate on the direction of commodity prices and sporting events using Bitcoin.

Unlike traditional brokerage firms that require large deposits of $15,000 or more just to get started, BitTrade makes prediction markets available to all Bitcoin owners, both large and small. Designed with the beginner in mind, an account can be funded with as little as $10 worth of Bitcoin. This allows new traders to experiment with commodities and/or sports trading with minimal risk.

Trade Commodity Markets

Many commodity and financial markets found at traditional futures exchanges are available via BitTrade:

Grain Markets:Corn, Soybeans
Energy Markets:Crude Oil, Natural Gas
Currency Markets:Euro, Japanese Yen
Interest Rates:US Treasury Bonds, US 5-Year T-Notes
Metals:Gold, Silver
Stock Indexes:S&P 500

Are you bullish on Gold? Simply navigate to BitTrade’s Gold market on your computer or mobile device and click ‘Go Long’. Do you think an impending trade war will cause the stock market to plummet? Simply click ‘Go Short’ on the S&P 500 stock index.

One-click trading is incredibly easy, and ideal for those who are new to commodities speculation. More advanced users can use our simplified ‘ladder’ interface to submit bids and offers (i.e. limit orders).

Trade Sports Markets

Although using Bitcoin to speculate on sporting events has been commonplace since Bitcoin’s inception, potential participants are often turned off by complicated betting lingo, intimidating odds-making conventions, and cluttered user interfaces.

BitTrade addresses these shortcomings using a novel approach; We welcome new sports traders by offering the same simple trading interface that’s used for commodities. Betting for (or against) your favorite team involves nothing more than going ‘long’ or ‘short’ in the sporting market of your choice. Markets for major sports leagues are available, with more being added all the time:


Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Simply navigate to https://www.BitTrade.to and click Sign Up to choose a username and password. Make a small deposit and begin trading. That’s all there is to it!

We look forward to trading with you at BitTrade.

Website: https://www.BitTrade.to

Telegram: https://t.me/bittrade_futures

Table of Contents


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