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· 15 Nov 2018 in Press Release’s user-friendly tumbler service elevates cryptocurrency anonymity to a whole new level has introduced a bitcoin shuffle that has quickly become a cryptocurrency-community favorite. The service offers using a bitcoin shuffle that allows users to tumble their favorite cryptocurrencies in a painless way and without any guesswork.

The team started with checking for vulnerabilities and the depth of anonymity present in coins tumbled through other services.

“Meanwhile, a huge number of companies that have spent a lot of money on algorithms for transaction searching are engaged in analysis of blockchain, for example: BlockSeer, ChainAlysis, ScoreChain, etc.,” stated the team in their Bitcointalk thread.

Blockchain analysis-resistant tumbling service

The mixers on the market prior to all had vulnerabilities present which led to the team’s decision to enter the industry with a service that was not only truly anonymous but also blockchain analysis-resistant as well. Blockchain analysis is a major threat cryptocurrency investors face without being aware of it, and the potential pitfalls are extremely troubling.

Governments and hackers alike have great incentive to use blockchain analysis to create profiles of users who are holding investments in cryptocurrency. The advantages of doing so for cybercriminals are clear as leading industry figures and cryptocurrency platforms themselves are targeted and hacked by sophisticated criminals who know how to use blockchain analysis effectively. Government agencies are hiring blockchain analysis firms such as Chainalysis to make sure that when regulations for taxing cryptocurrency are in place, the data to go after individuals is already accounted for.’s trusted bitcoin shuffle uses a novel strategy to beat blockchain analysis permanently. Using a reserve dubbed the Gamma pool, has found that by providing clients with coins that have guaranteed, untraceable origins, the subsequent coins received by clients from the Gamma pool are blockchain resistant now and forever.

The way this works is simple: users send their coins into the Gamma pool which is funded by private reserves of BestMixer and investors’ funds. These funds are vetted and as such make for an untainted pool from which client coins can be drawn. In this way, blockchain analysis will be completely unable to ever draw a connection between sending addresses, receiving addresses, and coin origins.

Getting started using the tumbler service is as simple as watching this step-by-step tutorial on bitcoin shuffling and depositing your coins into one of the three pools available. After setting your preferences according to the options available on transfer delay and random split, the mixing process is underway quickly. With a Letter of Guarantee and cumulative discount code that doubles as insurance against receiving the same coins back, goes above and beyond expectations to be the best bitcoin shuffle in the field.

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