Vitalik Buterin Asks Whether the Rothschild Conspiracy Could Apply to the Crypto Market

· 02 Jun 2018 in Crypto News, Home
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Vitalik Buterin has raised questions about whether the Rothschild banking empire could control the crypto market as rumours expanded about their plans to start investing on it. Mr. Buterin has been writing in Reddit about the potential impact of the Rothschilds’ IMMO project.

Rothschild Conspiracy on the Crypto Market?

In a tweet uploaded by Buterin on May the 27, he shared a Reddit post in which the main question of the topic is ‘Rothschilds in Crypto. Good/Bad/Neutral?’ To what Vitalik Buterin answered giving its own point of view about the topic.

“Are ‘the Rothschilds’ even well-coordinated enough to be worth caring about as a group these days? I read the Wikipedia article on them a few days back and these days they seem to just be a few hundred or thousand people born into various old-money-type high society positions.”

The IMMO project is a project that has been thought and created by the Rothschild family so as to cerate a stable coin, a cryptocurrency for the real estate economy, another for governments, and private blockchain.

But Buterin remained unconvinced about the conspiracy theories related to the Rothschild family and how they ‘want to control the market.’ In the past, the Rothschilds invested in the Bitcoin Investment Trust – which is sponsored by Barry Silbert’s Grayscale Investments.

Grayscale is a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group, which has invested in important businesses like CoinDesk, BitPay, and Blockchain.

Another important thing to mention is that in 1988, The Economist, which is controlled by the Rothschilds, wrote about the effects of a world currency in 2018. The title of this edition of The Economist was ‘Get ready for a world currency.’

Apparently, the name of it was going to be ‘the Phoenix’ and was going to be used to pay things in different countries all over the world. At the moment is not clear how they are investing in the market and whether they want to keep placing their investments in the virtual currency world. Buterin is sceptical about all the theories that are circulating on the internet.

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