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Waves Becomes The Best Performing Crypto Among The Top 100 – What’s Behind That Surge?

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Waves (WAVES) became the best performing crypto this Sunday due to the official announcement of the Node 1.0 update for the Waves blockchain. In a blog post recently released by the Waves Platform, they informed that they were working on some “powerful and long-awaited” functionalities and features for the entire ecosystem. 

Waves Surges Over 20% In 24 Hours

Waves has just surged over 20% in the last 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap. The virtual currency is now the 41st largest in the space and it is the best performing crypto among the top 100. 

The team behind this digital asset and network are ready to release the Node 1.0 update in just a few days. One of the main features includes a new programming language that is called RIDE and it is expected to help developers release their own decentralized applications on the Waves blockchain. 

Some of the new features include lazy execution, predictable computation costs, zero failed transactions on the network, modern typed functional approach, simple and concise programming language, formal-verification friendly and many others. With Node 1.0 Waves will be culminating one of the most important projects on its network after several months of continuous work. 

The cryptocurrency network will now have new mathematical functions on the RIDE programming language, including logarithms and exponentiation, allowing developers to perform calculations on the Waves blockchain. Furthermore, they have also implemented an alternative to the REST API that has many new advantages. 

About it, the blog post reads as follows:

“The new interface allows reduced development time. After the release, we will start standardising the presentation format of data: transactions, blocks, addresses, aliases and all possible entities on the Waves blockchain.”

In addition to it, they explained that the standardisation process is going to be coordinated with the community. They are going to be gathering information about what developers say and follow their advice to adjust the last details to what they recommend. In order for the new protocol to be activated, it is necessary to have 80% of votes and the protocol would be activated a week later. Once the voting is performed and activated, users and developers would be able to have access to all these new features. 

At the time of writing this article, Wavesis being traded around $2.15 and it has a market capitalization of $214 million. 

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