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Waves Launches New Fund to Motivate Blockchain Game Developers

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The blockchain and cryptocurrency platform Waves announced a new project related to game developers. The intention is to provide new tools for programmers to integrate blockchain technology to different games. According to some reports, the Waves platform created a fund of one million WAVES to motivate developers.

Waves Launches Fund to Motivate Developers

The team behind Waves will be motivating developers to enhance games with blockchain technology. With a new set of tools and assistance, programmers will find it easier to implement Waves’ functionalities into their games. Additionally, the new WAVES’ fund will increase developers interest in the platform.

Sasha Ivanov, Waves Founder and CEO, said that the initiative shows the versatility of the Waves technology.

On the matter, the founder commented:

“This initiative was launched to showcase the versatility of Waves technology and stimulate its adoption in such an important industry as gaming. I believe that the gaming sector will be an enthusiastic adopter of blockchain and will drive its widespread use. Given the mutual opportunity here, we are more than ready to reward developers for the effort they make in implementing their projects within Waves ecosystem.”

Some time ago, the team behind Waves released smart contracts. At the same time, they are also working to create non-fungible tokens. This development is very important since it is a critical element for the growing number of blockchain games that are growing around the world.

At the moment, Waves is searching for game development teams that would like to transfer their products to the Waves platform. Moreover, the network is searching for teams that are considering integrating Waves and its blockchain into their games. Additionally, Waves is also searching for users that would like to explore integrating Waves into their products.

Waves has several characteristics that make of it a unique network. It allows for an easy token creation, it features non-fungible tokens, it has a software development kit and many other things.

The cryptocurrency and gaming world continue to expand. Waves aims at connecting both worlds with blockchain services and products. With tokenization, each item becomes unique and can be raced until the moment of its creation.


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