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What Is Jupiter (JUP)? All You Need To Know

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Key Takeaways

  • Launched in October 2021, Jupiter is a token swap aggregator that finds the cheapest swap routes among the most expansive token pairs available for Solana users.
  • Like flight aggregators, Jupiter combines liquidity sources with the cheapest token swap routes possible. These liquidity sources include DEXs, Automated Market Makers (AMMs), and order books.
  • Thanks to the Solana blockchain’s cheap and fast transactions, liquidity can quickly be tapped from multiple sources without changing the total user wait time or final cost.

What Is Jupiter (JUP)?

Jupiter is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator platform that searches various liquidity sources on Solana to find the most favorable swap rates for your crypto transactions. The project aims to be the go-to platform for swapping tokens on the Solana blockchain, prioritizing user experience and competitive rates while contributing to the ecosystem.

How Does Jupiter (JUP) Work?

Jupiter (JUP) is a DEX aggregator built on the Solana blockchain. It acts as a middleman for cryptocurrency traders, specifically by:

Finding The Best Rates

Jupiter searches multiple DEXs (decentralized exchanges) and Automated Market Makers (AMMs) on Solana to find your token swap’s most efficient trade route. This minimizes slippage, which is the difference between the price you expect and the price you get when trading crypto.

Simplifying The Swapping Process 

Instead of comparing prices across different DEXs, Jupiter offers a user-friendly interface where you can simply enter the tokens and amounts you want to swap. Jupiter handles the rest, ensuring you get the best deal.

Jupiter (JUP) Token And Tokenomics


The JUP token is Jupiter’s native cryptocurrency. It is used for:

  • Governance – JUP holders can participate in the Jupiter DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), which grants them voting rights for future protocol changes and development.
  • Potential benefits – JUP holders may receive benefits from the platform in the future, such as discounts on trading fees or increased rewards for providing liquidity.

Token Details

Total Supply 10,000,000,000 JUP

Circulating Supply 1,350,000,000 JUP

Current Price $1.33

Market Capitalization $1,790,155,190

This information is current as of March 19th, 2024, and the token’s price, market value, and available supply may fluctuate.


Jupiter (JUP) token distribution is divided between the Jupiter team and the community, each receiving 50% of the total supply of 10 billion tokens. Here’s a breakdown:

Community Distribution

  • Airdrops (4 billion JUP)
  • Remaining (1 billion JUP)

Jupiter Team

  • Vested Team Allocation (2 billion JUP)
  • 20% for current team members, vesting over two years.
  • 20% for future team members, strategic investors, and past Mercurial stakeholders.
  • Strategic Reserve (2 billion JUP)

Where Can I Buy Jupiter (JUP)?

  • Binance Binance is a major exchange offering a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It offers multiple ways to buy crypto, including credit cards, debit cards, and peer-to-peer (P2P) trading.
  • Kraken A reputable exchange known for its security and compliance, Kraken offers a lot of trading pairs with various funding methods, including bank transfers and stablecoins.
  • Gate.io This exchange provides JUP trading, other cryptocurrencies, and margin trading options.

Is Jupiter (JUP) A Good Investment?


  • High efficiency and reasonable prices – JUP acts as a DEX aggregator, which means it searches multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to find the best possible price for your crypto trades. This can help you minimize slippage, which is the difference between the price you expect to pay for a cryptocurrency and the price you pay.
  • Exposure to DeFi and Solana growth – By investing in JUP, you gain exposure to the DeFi (decentralized finance) sector, particularly within the Solana ecosystem. If DeFi and Solana continue to grow, the demand for JUP could increase.


  • Dependence on DEX liquidity – JUP relies on the liquidity of the DEXs it searches. If there is not enough liquidity available, you may not be able to get the best price for your trades.
  • Anonymous Founder – The identity of Jupiter’s founder, Meow, is unknown. While anonymity isn’t negative, some users may prefer more transparency regarding the person behind the project, especially for a newer platform in the DeFi space.

Final Thoughts

Jupiter (JUP) is a good DEX aggregator for Solana users seeking a user-friendly and efficient way to swap Solana-based tokens. However, the native token’s effectiveness depends on liquidity. If liquidity is low, you might not get the best rates. Jupiter’s success will depend on continued growth within the DeFi and Solana ecosystems.

Table of Contents


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