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What Is Nettensor (NAO)? All You Need To Know


Rickie Sanchez


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Rickie Sanchez


Editor's Choice / Slider Posts

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Rickie Sanchez


Editor's Choice, Slider Posts

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Key Takeaways

  • Nettensor (NAO) is an AI infrastructure model that provides hardware, software, networking, and privacy services.
  • Its native token, NAO, was released on February 28th, 2024.

What Is Nettensor (NAO)?

Nettensor (NAO) is a project that focuses on providing AI infrastructure on the blockchain. It is a company that provides hardware, software, networking, and privacy services that empower industries to develop and manage AI projects effectively in a decentralized way.

How Does Nettensor (NAO) Work?

Nettensor builds tools on the blockchain to help developers create and run AI applications. They offer various services such as:

  • NetCloud – Cloud services designed specifically for AI infrastructure, including hosting, virtual machines, and domain management.
  • NetGPU – Offers cloud-based GPU computing power for machine learning, AI, rendering, and cloud gaming applications.
  • NetApp Chain – Integrates with various machine learning models, including popular choices like Hugging Face and GPT-4.
  • NetVPN – Provides a virtual private network service, offering privacy protection while browsing the internet.

Nettensor (NAO) Token And Tokenomics


The NAO token is Nettensor’s native cryptocurrency. It is used for:

  • Facilitating Transactions
  • Incentivizing Participation

Token Details

Total Supply 100,000,000 NAO

Circulating Supply 100,000,000 NAO

Current Price $0.1462

Market Capitalization $14,670,077

This information is current as of April 22nd, 2024, and the token’s price, market value, and available supply may fluctuate.

Where Can I Buy Nettensor (NAO)?

BingX – This exchange offers NAO and various features, including perpetual contracts and margin trading.

Poloniex – Poloniex is a long-time cryptocurrency exchange platform known for its wide variety of tradable assets and competitive fees.

MEXC – MEXC is a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange known for its user-friendly platform and various trading options.

Is Nettensor (NAO) A Good Investment?


  • Utility Within The Nettensor Ecosystem – NAO tokens fuel the Nettensor platform. You can use them to access various AI resources like cloud storage and computational power to train or run AI models.
  • Priority Access – Owning NAO tokens might give you priority access to new features and tools rolled out on the Nettensor platform.
  • Potential For Shared Revenue – There are suggestions that Nettensor might have a revenue-sharing model in which a portion of the platform’s fees is distributed among NAO token holders. This could be an attractive benefit if the platform gains significant traction.


  • Uncertain Use Case – While NAO is supposed to be the utility token for the Nettensor AI platform, the specific use cases and benefits of holding NAO tokens are unclear.
  • New project – Newer projects are more likely to fail than established crypto players.

Final Thoughts

Whether Nettensor (NAO) is a good investment depends on your risk tolerance and goals. Remember, this guide provides a starting point for your research. Always conduct your due diligence before making any investment decisions.