What is Stratis (STRAT) – All You Need to Know

Stratis (STRAT) is a United Kingdom-based, Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that provides financial institutions and other types of similar corporations the means to create commercially-viable solutions using blockchain technology.

The platform allows for fast and efficient development of new custom blockchain solutions. Companies can create their own blockchain solutions which can be customized according to their needs.

How it works

This is possible via private blockchains also called sidechains. Every blockchain deployed using Stratis becomes a private sidechain. The main benefits of using sidechains are represented by their customization options and their security, taking advantage of the parent chain’s protection. The sidechains are secured on the main blockchain of the platform, and they can be accessed via APIs and various lite clients.

The blockchains running on the Stratis platform are currently hosted in the cloud. Since you don’t have to maintain a full client node in order to work with specific blockchains, you and your company will have a much greater amount of operational resources left at your disposal.

Just like other platforms from this niche, Stratis is quite novice-accessible. With the help of its bespoke One-click blockchain deployment tool, you can effortlessly deploy your solutions with a great number of features. Also noteworthy is the fact that with this one-click explorer, you’re not limited to the Stratis blockchain. The tool allows you to deploy sidechains to other important platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, and BitShares.

Stratis uses a Proof-of-Stake algorithm as opposed to its competitors that use a Delegated Proof-of-Stake voting algorithm in order to reach consensus.

Even though Stratis is not a coin, it’s built on a Bitcoin full node platform making use of the NBitcoin library, Microsoft’s .NET framework, and C#. Stratis is creating more and more solutions that primary target Microsoft’s products.

Another advantage of the platform is that it allows companies to transfer fiat currencies on the blockchain. This is possible by using a digital token that equals the traditional currency in value when transferred. The team has also been hard at work with the creation of an ICO platform that allows you to host your own ICOs on the Stratis blockchain.


The platform’s structure

The platform is so well designed for Microsoft that it has been added to services such as Azure Cloud.

Stratis is made up out of three key entities that are responsible for controlling various parts of the blockchain node. These are as follows: Stratis Bitcoin Full Node, LibConsensus, and NBitcoin.

The first element is in charge of aspects such as the APIs, the user interface, and other transaction-related features. LibConsensus is used to establish the valid blocks, and Nbitcoin is mainly responsible for the messages between the nodes.

The Team

As expected from a modern project such as Stratis, the team members are all across the world, even though the headquarters are in the United Kingdom. The project is managed by Chris Trew, founder and CEO. Trew is also known for his involvement with the Blitz project were he was a volunteer developer.

Another popular name in the team is Nicolas Dorier. The company’s development technical advisor is the one who wrote NBitcoin and the book “Blockchain Programming in C#.”

The team faces stiff competition in this popular niche of BaaS projects. The platform’s main competitors include Lisk, Rise and Ark, two Crypti forks, and even Ethereum in some respects. For example, Stratis is an arguably better enterprise solution than Lisk, for example, since it features better privacy.


Trading and buying STRAT

During its ICO back in July 2016, Stratis managed to raise approximately 915 Bitcoin. A total number of 84.000.000 Stratis tokens were distributed at a value of 0.00001129 BTC each. At that time, this sum amounted to around $600.000.

In August 2016, the platform began trading. After various periods of transition, Stratis has a market capitalization of $400.000.000 and is somewhere in the middle of CoinMarketCap’s top 100 charts.

STRAT can be bought from a wide array of platforms, with Binance, Bittrex, Bithumb, Upbit, and Poloniex being some of the most relevant examples. The most popular currencies used to exchange STRAT are Bitcoin and Ethereum, with the first usually holding better value.

For more details and a complete list of official exchanges, you are encouraged to visit the currency’s CoinMarketCap listing.

Storing your STRAT

As listed on the platform’s official website, you have two main options for storing your STRAT, in the form of a Staking Wallet and a Stratis Electrum. The first option is the most recommended choice for keeping your STRAT. It makes it possible for you to stake your coins in order to receive payments and other benefits. By employing a PoS (Point-of-Stake) consensus algorithm to maintain the network validity.

The latter option is more minimalistic, as it only allows you to send and receive funds. This official wallet is available for Windows, macOS, and other Unix distributions.

If you are a very security-oriented person, then you might want to opt for a ledger hardware wallet. However, it’s worth noting that by opting to use a ledger hardware, you won’t be able to stake coins.

The Breeze Wallet is yet another valid option since it includes useful features like coin shuffling and swapping technology which should prove useful when performing anonymous transactions.

Stratis Price Prediction

Stratis has a very exciting market. Indeed, it started 2017 near $0.07 dollars, and reached an all time high in June being traded above $10 dollars. Its price in BTC has also skyrocketed that time reaching 0.004 BTC per STRAT.

In January 2018 the virtual currency has also skyrocketed reaching the highest price ever recorded ($20 dollars). Taking out these important price movements, Stratis has always been traded in a very clear range that is between $3 and $8 dollars.

We believe the pattern will keep repeating itself at least until we see that the price moves to another level. At the same time, if the market has a clear upward trend, then Stratis would probably follow it.

Final thoughts

All things considered, Stratis is a praiseworthy Blockchain-as-a-Service platform with a lot to offer. Its primary goal is to offer the best of the blockchain world and a straightforward way of incorporating the technologies in the enterprise sphere. Organizations can take full advantage of everything this platform has to offer via the One-click deployment tool.

The project is backed up by an ambitious team with lots of experience in the IT and blockchain fields. The platform is built using C# for .NET Framework solutions, providing the groundwork for most enterprise-grade applications. The project also has a large community with their own Slack channel. The so-called “Stratis Army” are willing to help anyone get to grips with the platform.

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