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Where Can I Spend My Crypto?

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One of the things that makes the average person sceptical about cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, is that the vast majority businesses still don’t accept it as a form of payment. Many people feel that because the places they usually shop don’t take crypto, they think it’s useless – and make no further attempt to understand it.

Fortunately, however, this is far from the case – as there are plenty of ways to spend your crypto, with more of them popping up every day. In this article, we share some of the best places to spend your hard-earned crypto, while the rest of society is playing catch up.

Gift Cards

eGifter is a site that sells gift cards from over 300 well-known brands, including Amazon, Uber, Domino’s Pizza, Apple, and even Walmart. With eGifter accepting currencies like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum, you can use your crypto to purchase vouchers as gifts, or use them for your everyday needs like paying for rides, takeaways, electronics, and groceries.


What would you say if I told you there’s a crypto-version of Skyscanner?…

Well, Travala.com, a blockchain-based travel-based platform is just that. As it lets you pay for over 2 million accommodation options (including hotels, resorts, apartments and villas), flights, tours, and activities in over 90,000 destinations across 230 countries. Better still, their prices are up to 40% cheaper than conventional travel websites and they offer an array of generous loyalty rewards.

Online casinos

Online casinos are another great place to spend your crypto as an increasing number of them start to accept deposits in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

This new class of crypto casinos is especially handy as many payment processors on established casino sites don’t offer payment options for players in certain regions. As a result, these players have no way of depositing funds into their player accounts and miss out on their favourite casino games. On a crypto casino, on the other hand, as long as you have a crypto wallet, you can play from anywhere.

However, not all crypto casinos are created equal, as some have a larger selection of games than others and, better still, offer superior welcome bonus packages. Check out this guide to crypto casinos as an excellent starting point.

Similarly, if betting on your favourite sport is more your bag, a growing number of online sports betting sites that accept crypto as a deposit.

Earn More Crypto with P2E Games

As well as earning more crypto by winning at online casino games like Poker or slots, you can make your hobby as a gamer pay off with Play 2 Earn (P2E) games. P2E games, also known as blockchain or NFT games, run on the same blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrencies, and they award you crypto for your effort and progress. You can use your earned crypto to purchase in-game items to make your character more powerful (so you can win even more crypto) or you can literally cash it in – for real (fiat) currency.

Also, the in-game characters you contril in P2E games are NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which means they’re unique crypto assets that can also increase in value. For example, the most popular P2E game, Axie Infinity, which sees players doing battle with Pokémon-type creatures called Axies, has had certain rare Axies sell for more than $1 million! Aside from Axie Infinity, other popular P2E games include CryptoKitties and Splintered Gods

Best of all, even though the idea of P2E games is new, players in developing countries like Venezuela and the Philippines have already been able to transform their lives with the money they’ve made playing P2E games. Amazingly, one guy was even able to buy 2 houses!

Donate to Charity

Another inspired way to spend your crypto, while doing some good in the world, is to donate it to charity. Crypto donation platform The Giving Block allows you to donate dozens of different coins and tokens to over a thousand non-profit organisations. These include Save the Children, the American Cancer Society, and the Ukraine Emergency Response Fund.

Treat Yourself to Luxury Items

Luxury goods site Bitdials has been accepting Bitcoin for high-end products since 2016.  This includes watches like Rolex, Omega, and Hublot; rings, necklaces, and bracelets; and exclusive whiskeys, cognacs, and champagne. You can also purchase luxury cars like Ferraris and Bentleys, through their sister site, Bitcars!

Get Yourself a Crypto Debit Card

Crypto debit cards are another clever way to spend your crypto – particularly offline. Crypto debit cards work by being preloaded with currencies like BTH, ETH and XRP (Ripple) – typically via an app or website. Now, once you buy something, your card provider will transfer your crypto balance into a fiat currency – so the merchant won’t even know the difference.

Now, because this isn’t really spending crypto, but rather a convenient method of exchanging it for a fiat currency, some within the cryptocurrency aren’t too keen on crypto debit cards. However, they are still a handy way of purchasing things with crypto and could help the general public wrap their head around cryptocurrencies.

Best of all, to encourage more people to use them, crypto debit card providers can offer generous spending limits and low transaction fees. So, maybe it can’t hurt to get yourself a crypto debit card for emergencies, at the very least.


While we may be a few years away from spending crypto the way you can dollars, euros, pounds, or yen, we hope this article helped to stir your imagination about ways you can spend your crypto. Whether it’s buying vouchers to restock your house with groceries, kicking back and playing some games, or giving to a worthy cause, all the ideas shared in this article will put your crypto to good use.

Table of Contents


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