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Who Sets the Bitcoin Price?


Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson



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Jonathan Gibson



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Traversing through several digital currencies, more commonly known as cryptocurrency, brings us to acknowledge one of the most widely used decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin. It is not linked to or regulated by a particular government, group, or corporation or organization because it is a decentralized platform.

Some difficulties and impediments that bitcoin users encounter are that they’re principally not a much-accepted payment method. Also, this method is adopted only by a few investors or wholesale traders. There are multiple apps like Yuan pay group for trading bitcoins. But in some instances, many investors don’t find Bitcoin transactions comfortable or easy to use and often become very complex to use the bitcoin platform for making their investments. So, it’s only preferred for making small transfers or transactions. Before we counter these problems, it’s more important to understand how the price gets fixed for these bitcoins.

While getting into the core crux of this worldwide prominent digital currency, one question that arises in our mind is how or who sets these Bitcoins’?

As we know, Bitcoin is a renowned digital currency that employs the digital cryptographic encoding system to assist investors in secure and safe transfers and storage of their investments.

Bitcoin is such a digital platform that is not backed by any central or cooperative bank or issued by a central bank or any other bank and generated by a process known as mining. It utilizes the leading technology and mathematical computations on an extensive network to develop bitcoins.

What is the reason behind the fluctuations of the Bitcoin price?

The price of a bitcoin is very volatile. As the amount of bitcoins limits its circulation, so new bitcoins generate at a decreasing rate. It implies that demand must follow such a level of inflation to keep the price stable. Moreover, we know that the bitcoin market is still reasonably insignificant as compared to other exchanges.

The pricing of Bitcoin is generally indicated by demand and supply. When the demand for Bitcoin rises, the price goes down, and when there is less demand, the price remarkably increases or goes up.

When it comes to the bitcoin price, unlike other central currencies, this cryptocurrency is not influenced by factors like any economic policy, different inflation rates in the value of the currency or any other monetary growth measures that certainly don’t relate to the bitcoin.

Setting the price for the bitcoin is a very complex process, and the cost of this digital currency depends solely on exchange. These bitcoins purchases and trades by the investors occur through certain cryptocurrency exchanges. Speculating data and bars provides a figure of estimation that on all the index sites of bitcoin value on the internet give a different price. They’re bartered on multiple exchanges, all of which sets their standard price for these bitcoins variably.

Therefore, fluctuating amounts through the market allow the investors to shuffle their position regarding the investments in the crypto market skillfully.

Aspects that can impact the price of Bitcoin a certain extent

The Bitcoin price gets stimulated by numerous factors that lead to the fluctuation in the price with uncertainty.

  • These factors may include the geopolitical reasons that certainly affect the adoption rate of bitcoins as there are so many bitcoins available in the market with predictable rates.
  • Also, there is uncertainty because the government can influence the price of this cryptocurrency through their rules and regulation or through their events or decisions that might not favour bitcoins.
  • Inferior liquidity of investors, that is, the ability of the investors to buy or sell their stocks or bonds, is extremely low.
  • There is an uneven distribution of bitcoin holdings because several high-risk investors have huge currency reserves in their bitcoin wallets. When combined with liquidity, make these holdings make it easy for people to capitalize on the digital market.
  • Even the exceptionally high-risk investments and most competent crypto-investors can lose currency in these highly uncertain markets.

Let’s now counter the main reasons that make us comprehend the influences by which the bitcoin’s priced.

Bitcoin’s price isn’t fixed by any particular person, organization or group. It’s generally set by the crypto market, which makes cryptocurrency pricing more complex because prices certainly vary by exchange.

Supply and demand of Bitcoin in the crypto market

Supply and demand emerge to be one of the most significant and substantial factors that affect bitcoin pricing. An increase in the popularity of bitcoin will increase its price, whereas its low demand will ultimately decrease its cost. Increased demand with a reduced supply will increase the price of the bitcoin.

Acceptance of bitcoin by users dramatically affects the price. Also, the Bitcoin platform is the means of conducting online transactions by investors and corporations for Bartering their stocks and bonds.

  • Laws and regulations put by the administration on this cryptocurrency.

With the unexpected expansion in the popularity of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency regulators are debating to define this as a digital asset. The Security Exchange Commission has earlier classified cryptocurrency as security.

Hence repressive or stringent rules will bring down the price of Bitcoin, whereas favourable laws will function as a stimulus for the crypto industry.

  • Power of social or digital media

Social media platforms play a significant role in discerning the concept of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to the general public. News is such a means that spread like a forest fire because of the digital media platforms, which ultimately fetches or retards the outspread of the cryptocurrency. Positive news or media will lead to more awareness amongst the public, and negative information will ultimately lead to low results in the popularity of bitcoin.

  • The Market Cap or the competition amongst the crypto market

Apart from bitcoin, there are several other cryptocurrencies present in the market like Tether, Cardano, Polkadot that serve as great competitors for bitcoin. So it’s also a factor which influences the price.

  • Mining of the Bitcoin

The Protocols allows the investors to create new bitcoins at a set rate. Also, prices may vary depending on the types of exchanges. Different investors set such different prices in other regions of the world.

  • Bitcoin halving process

Bitcoin halving serves as one of the vastly significant components that render to the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin halving refers to when the dividend for mining Bitcoin transactions certainly gets reduced to half its actual price. It also reduces half of the Bitcoin inflation rate at which new Bitcoins enter circulation.

With the increasing trend of investing in cryptocurrency, private investors approve it as an asset for their investments. Many nations and their governments are also trying to oversee the market. Countries like the United States of America, Japan, Germany and many more countries have an optimistic viewpoint towards cryptocurrency investments.

More countries striving to administer the market will soon evolve as mainstream as cryptocurrency is more attainable to the public. Hence, more commercial investors will grab a share of this asset to pay more.

As a cryptocurrency or bitcoin investor, the surging rates in the crypto market have got you speculating about Bitcoin. If it enabled you to think it’s too late to endow in cryptocurrencies, discern that it’s merely an onset. You must commence investing in this famous market for bartering your commodities.

The cryptocurrency market or the Bitcoin market continues to watch a rise in its popularity despite the fact of the wreaking chaos made by the undisputed global pandemic on all critical economies in the world. Many startups have evolved during this pandemic to cater to the enhanced demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies present on the digital platform.

Moreover, Bitcoin exists to thrive as a safe and secure possession against market volatility and inflation in the present scenario. In recent reports, it witnessed that public corporations are restoring their cash revenues into cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin consumes a massive trading percentage among cryptocurrencies. However, it still exists as a fragile market compared to other international markets, which means that prices make more considerable fluctuations at a different period. They may move up or down with less money involved in the market.

Media coverings and events on social media are inadequate or helpful to the popularity of Bitcoin and influence the bitcoin’s price. It is a primary reason affecting the pricing and uncertainty about the intrinsic price of the cryptocurrency as a store of value and currency risks for prominent Bitcoin stakeholders. Their liquidation and security reason might also influence the Bitcoin price.

Limited mining is the new creation of bitcoins, and the circulation of bitcoin obeys strict rules with an invariably declining output. Also, the demand would have to heed the deflationary result of Bitcoin to maintain the bitcoin prices stable. Finally, what determines the price of Bitcoin is whether people are ready to make their investments using the bitcoin platform, which includes buying and selling bitcoins along with the mining of the bitcoins as these factors ultimately affects the supply and demand of the bitcoins in the crypto market.