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Why Could Apple’s CryptoKit for iOS 13 Be Very Important For Crypto Developers?

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Apple has recently announced “CryptoKit,” a new framework that is going to allow developers to have a new framework with cryptographic functionality. According to CryptoSlate, this could suggest that the iPhone could eventually include a new native crypto wallet in the future.

Could an iPhone Have an Integrated Crypto Wallet?

In the latest Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) conducted by Apple on June 5, the company unveiled a new version of is an operative system for iPhone called iOS 13. For this update, Apple has also decided to release another important update for this OS, called CryptoKit.

Developers will have the possibility to work with operations such as hashing, key generation and encryption. These functionalities can later be integrated into iOS applications. Moreover, CryptoKit will also allow developers to use public-key-cryptography to create and evaluate digital signatures. It will also be possible to perform key exchanges.


According to the founder of TrustWallet, Viktor Radchenko, Apple’s newest addition to iOS 13 means that it could be possible to create a full hardware wallet in the future. He said that this is only a few steps away before you can turn your phone into a hardware wallet.

This decision to improve its presence in the market with several other companies releasing cryptographic solutions for users. Indeed, Samsung released the Galaxy S10 with a blockchain and crypto wallet included that allows users to store their private keys. Moreover, Samsung is also working in order to offer a better service for Samsung Pay through the creation of a blockchain network and eventually a digital currency.

In addition to this, Apple has released a new icon set (SF Symbols) that include Bitcoin, which will enable developers to integrate the most popular digital asset into their applications. Although Bitcoin’s logo has been added, there are no other digital assets or logos included.

At the moment, it is not possible to know what Apple is planning to do in terms of digital assets and blockchain technology. Apple has a very successful product called Apple Pay that could be used in the future with digital currencies, but this is just speculation based on what the crypto community would like to see.

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