Brian Kelly 800x500 - Why Should the Market Remain Optimistic for the Future?

Why Should the Market Remain Optimistic for the Future?

The famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been in the media during the last months. In December 2017, it was the most important investment asset ever, and now that it is in a bear market, TV Shows like CNBC Fast Trader talk about ‘Bitcoin’s Funeral.’

Bitcoin is Not Dead

The truth is that since the beginning of the year it cannot recover the price lost and the correction since its all time high is almost 70%. But there are several reasons that let us say that Bitcoin is not dead at all.

Bitcoin 300x169 - Why Should the Market Remain Optimistic for the Future?

According to Brian Kelly, there are three important reasons on why Bitcoin will recover to levels near $10,000 dollars. First of all, he said that there is an imminent bottom in the market.

Currently, Bitcoin is being traded at the same level it was back in November 2017, 7 months ago. It is not clear which will be the bottom, but we may be near as Kelly explains. He refers to the basic rule of investing, if the asset is in a bear market, the best what an investor can do is enter, when it goes up, it is good to sell.

Additionally, Kelly stated that the Japanese government is taking several measures to regulate the market, and it could be a positive development for the long-term. Why? Because it will prevent major hacking attacks like happened in the past with Coincheck or Coinrail.

He commented about it:

“Japanese exchanges were ordered to improve business conditions [by the government]. It’s actually a good thing. Short run it’s going to be a little tough because they’re stopping new accounts from coming in but actually they’re cleaning up the system. They’re making sure it’s more robust. Making sure it’s better for people. “

At the same time, it is important to mention that Mt. Gox will not be liquidating more assets until early 2019, which could help the market gain momentum in some occasions. During the last months, there have been important Mt. Gox sell-offs of tens of thousands of bitcoin, something that help the markets to crash.

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