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WILC – The Brewing Storm of The Passive Income Market From ILCOIN

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Everyone wants to make money – that is the quintessential goal of the modern mercantile world that has long forsaken such seemingly archaic virtues as love, compassion, friendship, loyalty, and so on and so forth. Though it may be a sad statement, a Yiddish proverb puts it into perspective and makes it painfully clear – “love is sweet, but tastes better with bread”. As such, no matter how virtuous one may think themselves to be or strive to be, all of their efforts in the modern world are for naught in the eyes of society without a strong financial backing underscoring the status of a liquidity holder. 

And though society may be placing immense pressure on modern man by forming the image of a “successful person” with a brand new iPhone in hand, dressed like a putz in expensive clothes with a million dollar car in the background, the sad reality is that such an image billboarded on social networks like Instagram and on television is but a phantom, an etalon that can seldom be attained by the overwhelming majority. The majority will have to suffice with the fact that working on a job is their reality and actually getting a salary in current hard times is the best they can hope for. 

Understanding ILCOIN

However, there are escapes, or, at least, loopholes accessible to virtually anyone that can be utilized for ameliorating and improving personal financial situations. The desire to make profits is natural, while the desire to have money flow without exerting significant efforts is the ultimate fantasy. This is where the crypto industry and its DeFi sector come into play with such enticing assets as WILC offering anyone the chance to make passive income a reality.

The WILC, or Wrapped ILCOIN, is a new asset that has emerged on the Uniswap decentralized exchange and spurred immense demand from the community with its unique concept of application. The ERC-20 standard WILC token is versatile as a tool that can be both traded at a profit, exchanged for its native ILCOIN, traded for market mainstay tokens like DAI, ETH and USDT, or placed in liquidity pools as an analogue of staking.

By being provided as a staked asset in liquidity pools with equal 50/50 shares of ETH, DAI or USDT, the WILC token will be used by the Uniswap exchange as a liquidity forming asset and provide its holders with rewards in the form of commissions from transactions performed on the platform. The commission rewards are set at 0.3% of the provided amount of liquidity and are instantly transferred to the owner’s personal account for instant disposal in any way the user wishes. 

Holders of WILC never need fear that they assets can be lost or sold off, as the Uniswap exchange ensures complete balancing of the 50/50 equilibrium of WILC and its pair through the constant dynamics of buy/sell operations conducted by users of the platform. In addition to being a passive income generation vehicle, WILC tokens are also gaining momentum in price as demand for them from the growing DeFi community increases in light of the ongoing migration of users into the crypto industry.

With the world deep in crisis and economies still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, it is the people who have started taking action to ameliorate the situation in light of the inaction and indifference of governments and financial elites. By fueling the development of the crypto industry and the DeFi market, users are driving demand for liquidity providing assets like WILC and are spurring the rise of a profitable and completely independent, decentralized passive income generation powerhouse industry.

The content provided herein is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Table of Contents


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