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Wild Forest ($WF) Play-To-Airdrop Guide

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Key Takeaways

  • Wild Forest is a real-time strategy (RTS) blockchain game developed by an indie game studio and developer, Zillion Whales.
  • Wild Forest’s beta launch has over a million PvP battles recorded in just a short time.
  • While the game is free-to-play, it also has a play-to-earn system for players who want to unlock additional rewards.

What Is Wild Forest?

Wild Forest is a mobile real-time strategy game (RTS) on the Ronin blockchain. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from the game:

  • Fast-paced, 5-minute battles against other players.
  • Build a base and manage resources strategically.
  • Take direct control of your units for tactical maneuvers (micro-control).
  • Collect and upgrade cards to build a powerful deck for battle.
  • Play-to-earn elements with real NFT rewards.
  • A blend of strategic depth through deck building and the thrill of real-time battles.

You can check out their website for more details and to try the open beta.

Forest Gold ($FGLD) And Wild Forest ($WF) Tokens

The PVP battles in Wild Forest take place in an arena-style environment. Each match starts with an unoccupied base and a swordsman, prompting players to construct barracks and other structures until they dominate and conquer their opponents.

Each PvP victory rewards you with Forest Gold ($FGLD), the game’s cryptocurrency, which you can use to upgrade your unit cards. Wild Forest Tokens ($WF) also serve as in-game NFT items needed for upgrading unit card grades and unlocking Battle Pass features.

Each unit also comes with a unique NFT card that you can use to build your deck, trade with other players to get different cards, or even combine to create even more powerful units.

Regarding cryptocurrency and NFTs, it is important to understand that Wild Forest is not entirely play-to-earn, and participation in earning from this game is completely optional. Players can choose to connect a Web3 wallet and sell in-game tokens or trade NFTs.

Play-To-Airdrop Campaign

Players who play the beta version of the game can receive points called “Honor,” which will soon be convertible to rewards. 

Wild Forest is also giving away a Battle Pass, an in-game item that unlocks special campaign tasks and their rewards.

Final Thoughts

Unlike some games, Wild Forest does not require players to do extra-curricular tasks. Just focus on playing and completing in-game tasks, and you will earn Honor points naturally.

There is also a leaderboard system for the play-to-airdrop campaign, but it is unclear how the rewards will be distributed.

Table of Contents


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