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Worldwide Webb, A Metaverse Game, Receives $10M Investment From Pantera

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Pantera Capital, a cryptocurrency-focused investment firm, has contributed $10 million to Worldwide Webb’s Series A funding round for the creator of a pixel art-based metaverse game. The funds will be used for recruitment, adding new non-fungible token (NFT) collections to the game, and establishing partnerships with companies that own brands and intellectual property.

In a press release, it was stated by Sehaj Singh, an investment associate at Pantera, that Worldwide Webb is bridging the gap between traditional gaming and NFT communities through a growing collection of browser-based mini-games where each player can use a unique NFT identity. Singh noted that Webb’s fast game development has led to enjoyable and engaging mini-games. The Worldwide Webb platform has provided another avenue for NFT communities to improve engagement and community building.

Worldwide Webb, launched in 2020, provides an interoperable massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG). Players can use their own NFTs from various blockchains as avatars to participate in battles, quests, and raids. In the following weeks, Worldwide Webb will release Blockbusterz, a browser-based player-versus-player game. Players who win more battles will receive higher levels of NFT mints. Additionally, the company is striving to add more brands to its ecosystem.

In an email to CoinDesk, it was stated by Thomas Webb, the founder, and CEO of Worldwide Webb, that the company is working on developing tools to allow brands to integrate their intellectual property (IP) into the game. This can be achieved through land ownership, where brands can build their own spaces, add their current NFTs, and generate new ones within the Webb ecosystem. Webb also expressed excitement about establishing long-term relationships with brands and IP holders. In addition to including their NFTs as avatars, the company plans to bring their IP into the Webb universe by introducing in-game features such as quests, boss fights, items, and more.

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