Is It Worth Participating in SINTEC ICO?

The project is the construction of the first unique plant in Eurasia for the production of polymer bituminous binders with the capacity of 150,000 tons per year. The total cost of the project is $ 30 million. The participation of investors in the project involves the purchase of the SINT derivative, which is implemented as a financial instrument on the ETHEREUM blockchain platform, in turn, SINT is provided with the product of production – polymeric bituminous binders. Sales of SINT options will occur within the ICO. The invested funds grow twice or more. In addition, in the case of growth of the value of the cryptocurrency the company will compensate for the exchange difference.

Less than ten years ago, cryptocurrencies quickly broke into the market of electronic money. And in 2017 the next round of the cryptocurrency boom began.

Recently, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the discussion boils down to the following:

· cryptocurrencies will continue to grow, and therefore they need to be bought,

· or it is a huge soap bubble, which suddenly bursts with a crash.

In theory, in order to sell something, you need to have something. What if everything will burst at this time? Then all, say goodbye money and dreams of a bright future?

The question is, can this risk be avoided? It turns out, you can. And this is the SINTEC project.

Let’s figure out what it is and how it works.

SINTEC is a unique Blockchain – option that provides an opportunity to invest in the production of high-tech industrial materials – polymer bituminous binders (PBB). SINTEC will allow investors of all levels, even people who did not previously have practical experience working with such financial instruments, to learn how to successfully apply them in practice. SINTEC is a safe and reliable mechanism that is managed by professionals. Let’s look at this process in stages:

1. Investors purchase SINT tokens in the course of the ICO, which are backed by a real product – PBB, and the and are positioned as a Blochain – option and are sold at 50% cheaper than the nominal.

2. Starting in March 2019. SINTEC will open the company to repurchase in the amount of at least $1.6 million per month.

3. SINT’s tokens, which will not be redeemed in March 2019, will earn 8.5% of annual dividends accrued each month.

Are there any guarantees?

· Buying SINT tokens during the ICO, investors are guaranteed that their initial investment will grow by more than 100%. In order to make this happen, investors simply need to state their intentions to sell tokens at any time, starting in March 2019.

· The SINT tokens are backed up with raw materials – polymer bituminous binders. Starting in March 2019, investors will be able to exchange tokens for raw materials on demand.

· At the time of the ICO, the cost of 1 ton of raw materials was fixed at around 21,000 rubles. If at the moment of presenting the SINT token for redemption, the market value of the raw materials will increase, the value of the token will grow proportionally.

· If at the moment of presenting the SINT token for redemption, the rate of the crypto currency increased, then the investor will be able to return the token at the current exchange rate. Thus, by investing in SINT, you simultaneously invest in crypto-currencies.

· If the investor decides not to sell SINT tokens immediately after March 2019, then the investor will earn 8.5% of annual dividends accrued every month.

How can it be attractive?

The attractiveness of investments can be estimated by such parameters as profitability, reliability and the ability to promptly receive funds back if it necessary.

The SINTEC rates on tokens are higher than the deposit rates, as evidenced by information on the websites of credit institutions. For example, in Rosselkhozbank, the maximum proposed

rate for a ruble deposit for three years is 7% per annum (with a deposit of 100 million rubles). In the VTB group, the most favorable interest rate for a deposit up to a year is also 7% per annum.

As for reliability, of course, the Agency’s guarantee for deposit insurance, like deposits, does not work. But, since it is a question of building the first unique plant in Eurasia for the production of polymer bituminous binders with a capacity of 150,000 tons / year, which will carry out state orders, the probability of default is extremely small.

After weighing all the “pros” and “against” it turns out that the risk in the case of such investments is low.

If we talk about the possibility to quickly get money back. Just after 3 months from the start, it is possible to return the invested money and not to lose, and increase the initial investment. In the event of a rise in the value of cryptocurrency, the project compensates for the lost profit to investors. If the value of the SINT tokens invested in the purchase of the SINT is reduced, all the funds are protected and guarantee the safety of the deposit to investors. After the start of production from March 1, 2019, capitalization of investments by 8.5% is foreseen.

There is one plus. The plant for the production of polymer bituminous binders is the first stage in the development of the petrochemical cluster in Kuzbass and in the Siberian Federal District. Production will expand, bringing additional profit to investors.

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