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WYRIFY – Blockchain For The Real World Use Cases

Since the Bitcoin blockchain appeared, people were amazed with the transaction speed over the network. But as the time passed, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty growth to a point where it wouldn’t take seconds, but minutes or even hours. Then Ripple appeared with a 4 seconds transaction time. And now? Now it’s Wyrify time.

What is Wyrify?

Wyrify is a regulated public company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the name of Stockholm IT Ventures AB. They want to revolutionize the blockchain and prepare it for real world use. With a worlwide Point-of-Sale and a a platform built especially for mobile payments, Wyrify could become one of the most usable blockchain payments tool in the world.

The Wyrify project removed the mining and implemented a non-diluting transaction protocol. They claim to speeded up the transaction time to match a VISA use, increase the security and the anonymity, But surely, if you want to conform with KYC regulations – you’re welcome to do that. They combined multiple leading companies from cryptography, payment, point of sales into one platform – Wyrify.

Wyrify ICO

Wyrify ICO has a second benefit besides getting their token. The participants would also get 30% of the company’s net profit for the next 5 years. Therefore, you’d have their token and a part of the 30% profit, according to the amount invested. The ICO is launching on 14th of October 2017 at 00:01 CET and you may be a part of it by investing with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Visa/Mastercard.

Wyrify app is now available in the AppStore and Google Play. Their app have features like: free P2P transfers, cross border remittance, card payment gatewar, currency exchange and a Bitcoin mobile wallet. According to their website, they’ve already partnered up with a client from Asia worh a monthly revenue of $3bn and they want to pursue more clients from Asia as well as US and Africa starting 2018. To see how it works – check out the Wyrify video or read their whitepaper. More details about them including who’s the team & who are their partners can be found on their website

Wyrify is a project that could get big in the future. By participating in their ICO, you would also be able to receive 30% of their profit for the next 5 years. It’s a great way to receive an extra passive income.

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