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XAYA Decentralized Gaming Platform Ready to Hold Token Sale on Liquid Exchange

The gaming industry is growing at incredible rates. With new games being released and revenues at all-time highs, the industry is garnering serious attention and investment. With the latest advances in hardware, technology and coding languages, games are getting better and better.

Growing Gaming Industry

In the next years, the industry is expected to continue its growth path and reach $180 billion dollars by 2021. And indeed, that shows that the industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the market.

The interesting fact is that gaming companies are starting to use blockchain technology. This shows that there is an effort to deliver a next-generation gaming experience. And there are some interesting companies that are starting to work with this technology.

The team behind Huntercoin is creating XAYA. Huntercoin is known as the first ‘true’ blockchain game ever. This game allows users to combat for resources through one-on-one battles. The coins that were collected in-game were real tokens. The game is still active after four years.

However, the team behind XAYA is working in a more comprehensive use of blockchain technology. Indeed, XAYA is going to offer a custom blockchain for both game developers and players.

Among the main characteristics, we find Gaming Channels, Ephemeral Timestamps, Atomic Trading, and Language Independence.  This creates a very promising environment for both users and developers.

Gaming channels allow an increased number of game moves per second, accommodating players simultaneously online. The ephemeral timestamps XAYA is sure that there are no cheaters within the platform. Atomic trading allows players to easily trade different virtual assets in an easy way in the XAYA ecosystem.

The token generation of the XAYA ecosystem will be through Liquid, which is a composite of Quoinex and Qryptos exchanges. It has access to 17 major crypto exchanges worldwide. The decision to use Liquid is due to the fact that it has the best exchange rates and with the fastest liquidity ever.

The Liquid exchange is currently handling over $200 million dollars per day in its parent platforms.

Investors can acquire XAYA’s native token known as CHI, on the Liquid platform, for 0.00002 BTC. The first four million tokens, of over 115 million, have a 15 percent bonus. Additionally, tokens that are not sold will be destroyed.


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