XinFin has Launched Initial Coin Offering of XDCE Utility Tokens to Offer People Access to the XDC Protocol

· 16 Feb 2018 in Crypto News, Home, Press Release
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XinFin has launched an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of XDCE Utility Tokens on Monday, 5th Feb 2018, to offer access to its XDC Protocol. XinFin ( is a Hybrid Blockchain tech company, based in Singapore, and is working in global trade and finance domain. XinFin has established a permissioned and commercial level Blockchain network which is safe and highly scalable. It is powered by XDC01 protocol, which is based on one of a kind Hybrid Blockchain architecture and helps in removing the inadequacies in international trade and finance sector. Because of this, organizations can provide real-time settlement as well as assist in cross-border smart contracts.

XDCE is a swappable ERC20 token which has extensive scope for traders, private investors and institutional level partners. The XDCE token will be accessible and tradeable on almost all the exchanges. It is mainly beneficial for the traders who compete against other ERC20 tokens across exchange boards as they will get the advantage of high volume and quick transactions through numerous exchange boards.

XinFin’s presence will become more universal in the open Crypto-Market as XDCE token can also be traded with the standard XDC token. XDCE utility tokens, which are accessible through its public ICO, will help individuals to get access to the XDC protocol and its sub-networks by hosting XDC master nodes.

“XinFin tokens are built on XDC01 protocol which is first of its kind hybrid protocol and listing a newer protocol on the exchanges is a time-consuming process. This limits the liquidity further limiting the number of business cases being scaled. The launch of XDCE tokens was a move in this direction so that people can trade at stable prices on regulated exchanges sidestepping volatile market where price changes drastically due to lower liquidity”, explained Mr Atul Khekade, who is an early investor and involved in Ecosystem Development at XinFin.

The public sale of XDCE started on February 05, 2018 and will end on March 15, 2018, comprising four rounds of sale –

  • 1st Round Dates are 5th Feb 2018 to15th Feb 2018.
  • 2nd Round Dates are 16th Feb 2018 to 22nd Feb 2018
  • 3rd Round Dates are 23rd Feb 2018 to 01st March 2018
  • Final Round Dates are 2nd March 2018 to 15th March 2018

The minimum and maximum purchases are set at 0.1 ETH and 500 ETH.

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Token Sale Page

During the pre-placement launch, XinFin raised USD 1.5 million last year. The funds were used to develop XinFin XDC Hybrid Blockchain protocol and trade-finance platform called, whose Blockchain architecture syndicates the finest qualities of Bitcoin, Quorum and Ethereum. XinFin platform preserves sensitive financial information in private state and hence making it enterprise-ready for numerous business use-cases. XinFin family includes highly talented and innovative individuals.

XinFin has recently launched Beta version of TradeFinex platform on P2P Digital Asset System Summit at the Second Global Summit, which took place in India. XinFin will lend its TradeFinex platform to Assocham’s network, as a part of this association. Assocham’s network comprises of more than 300 trade associations and 450,000 members to eliminate the inadequacies in trade and finance sector.

The company has clients across Singapore, India, USA, Europe and is already working on ten pilot projects in the field of aviation, travel and banking including supply chain management. The proceeds from the on-going token sale will be utilized in converting PoCs into pioneer pilot projects with enterprises and institutions around the world. The resources will also be used for network development and master nodes proliferation of the XinFin system among various organizations.

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