xinfin final - XinFin – The Pre-ICO Cryptocurrency which uses Blockchain with Real World Applications

XinFin – The Pre-ICO Cryptocurrency which uses Blockchain with Real World Applications

With the Bitcoin being launched, people actually recognized the use of a blockchain in the real world. However, blockchain is not even close to the worldwide adoption that it deserves. XinFin wants to change that.

XinFin (XDC) wants to use the blockchain to deliver enterprise integration into the financial ecosystem, as they declare on their bitcointalk page. One of the things that makes XinFin different is that they identified the problems that the world is facing and they’re now trying to solve it. Therefore, the XinFin platform will have 3 real world use cases that will hopefully change the industry as we know it.

Firstly, their plan is to introduce a peer to peer financing system focusing mostly on public infrastructure projects, where there’s a global deficit that needs to be fulfilled and solved in order for the society to move on the next level.

Secondly, there would be a global trade market for buyers and sellers with proven products. Which means you could buy your favorite brand using XDC’s instead of FIAT money. An idea like this sounds pretty bold and innovative for the cryptocurrency industry and the fact that there’s no competition on this market could lead to a potential Amazon where you could buy anything you need using XDC.

In the third place, they want to create an efficient repayment mechanism coupled with FIAT currency. As they mention in their White Paper , 25% of the underlying blockchain tokens will be used to reward the investors. With a reward system this high and a solid process flow , XinFin should reach worldwide adoption in a short time.

XinFin’s token – XDC – has created a new fork out of the Ethereum blockchain in order to enable multiple functionalities. XinFins’ token – XDC – uses the same hashing algorithm as the Ethereum, the keccak-256. The Block time is 1 second and the type of reward is the Proof-of-Word model.  A XDC is divisible down to 5 decimal places and there are 100,000,000,000 XDC from which 80% are premined that would be used when they will launch XinFin platform. If you’re interested to read more details about their technical paper, you can read more about it here.

As its founder declared, the latency time of the public blockchains like bitcoin,ethereum or other cryptocurrencies make the real time  payments almost impossible, XDC will run on a private distributed network where a transaction will only take 5 secunds. The blockchain technology combined with the great idea makes XinFin a promising business while also solving real life problems that governments tried to take care of, but didn’t succeed.

One thing is certain though, XinFin could actually change the world in a better place. If you want to help them, there are two ways. Either register on their forum or buy XDC from here. If you’re looking to invest high, contact them in order to get a better proposal. They’re in the pre-ICO stage but they still have a limited number of tokens available to early investors.

Even though the XinFin idea is something great, many people don’t know about it. If you’ve missed the Bitcoin or Ethereum when they were low, you have to be a part of XinFin as soon as you can. The XinFin isn’t just an idea, it’s a community of people with the common goal of creating the world a better place. Be a part of it.

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