XMAX Blockchain Entertainment Ecosystem & amp; DApp SDK

· 26 Jul 2018 in Crypto News, Home
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Bringing Entertainment and Gaming to Blockchain

XMAX is a blockchain ecosystem and a set of developer tools built to support the next-generation of blockchain entertainment. The XMAX team is on a mission to bring decentralized applications (DApps) to the world by empowering developers with the tools to simplify blockchain development. In addition to providing a “blockchain operating system” for entertainment and games, the XMAX Studio Developer tools will focus on community-based features which will help smaller projects grow with their user-bases. The idea is to bridge the divide which exists between smaller developers creating their applications in isolation and the community which will be able to actively participate in development decisions via smart contract voting.

XMAX noticed that while many projects build main-chains which support DApps, very few are focused on the needs of the entertainment and gaming industries. Games are intensive applications which require a flexible design and depend on their communities for success. With XMAX developers will have access to a full set of tools which will make it easier to put their ideas on a blockchain. The team is building templates for common applications such social media APPs and basic gaming structures so that teams can quickly prototype their ideas and add them to the blockchain as the project is being developed. As well by supporting various virtual machines for operating smart contract code, the XMAX team will enable JavaScript programmers to create blockchain applications without learning low-level languages such as C++ or Go Lang.

Currently, the project is openly developing their blockchain framework on GitHub ( as well as publishing weekly progress updates on their Medium block, THE XMAX GALAXY NETWORK. This project includes many members and investors with experience in corporate and indie game publishing, as well as some of the founders of the 3AM Sleepless Blockchain group a very large blockchain community in Asia. They have participated in numerous blockchain conferences including the World Blockchain Conference in Macau, and their team members have traveled the world building the community. The future of XMAX depends on not only their technical development but also on their emphasis on education and the ecosystem community which is growing by the day.

XMAX Studio SDK & XMAX 3D Development Tools


Game Engine with Blockchain Integrations

Smart Contract Templates

JavaScript-Based Coding Language WebX.js

XMAX Wallet with Native Asset Token Support

Support for Multiple Virtual Machines

Support for Multi-Platform Nodes (Windows, Linux, etc.)

Multi-media Plugins



XMAX Blockchain

Dynamic Proof of Stake Consensus using VRF (2100 Global Nodes)

Side-chains built with a “Choose your own Consensus Mechanism” Model

Time-Independent Network Packet System

Inter-chain Communication




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