Yelp’s New Search Tag Feature Could Be Helpful To Increase Crypto Mass Adoption

· 25 Apr 2019 in Breaking, Crypto News
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The recognized local-search service Yelp recently added a new search tag on its platform. This will allow users to search for specific words that would link users with vendors. The new feature could be very helpful to increase crypto mass adoption. Users will be able to select the label “Accepts Cryptocurrency” and it will be displaying the places that accept at least a digital asset.

Yelp Could Help Increase Crypto Mass Adoption

Although virtual currencies have been expanding over the last few years, they have not yet reached mass adoption. This is why it is very important for firms and companies to start spreading the use of these digital assets. Yelp is a platform that is moving into this direction and it could help merchants receive a new influx of crypto clients. has 100 million business reviews and is the 40th most visited website in the United States according to the Alexa. The firm has more than 30 million unique monthly visitors that enter through a mobile application and website. The website provides information about firms and services providers including opening and closing hours, menu and many other things.

With the “Accepts Cryptocurrency” tag, users will have the possibility to search which places and merchants accept digital assets as a means of payment. This could clearly help increase crypto usage around the world. Merchants that start receiving more payments in digital assets could also spread the use of this means of payment and other services providers could start accepting cryptocurrencies as well.

At the moment, not all the users are able to see the new tag. However, it is expected to be reaching a larger number of devices and users in the future as the company rolls out the new tags.

It is very important for the crypto market and industry to have companies and businesses that push crypto adoption even further.

A few days ago, Serena Williams unveiled that she was investing in different companies through her investment business called Serena Ventures. One of these firms was Coinbase. She decided to unveil this a few days ago in a post on Instagram.

Additionally, the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has offered its support to Bitcoin and Lightning Network’s development. Dorsey believes that Bitcoin is going to become in the future the currency of the internet.

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