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YouHodler Review – Keep Your Crypto, Use Cash


Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


Reading time

8 mins
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Jonathan Gibson


Reading time

8 mins
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The cryptocurrency market has been expanding in recent years and companies are offering new and innovative solutions to crypto investors from all over the world. One of the companies that became very popular in recent months is YouHodler. This platform focuses on crypto-backed lending with fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. 

Their goal is to unlock the real value of cryptocurrency assets by providing cash for regular needs and letting users hold their digital assets at the same time. By selling cryptocurrency assets, investors would not be able to benefit from their price moving higher. This is why YouHodler makes the whole hodling experience for crypto investors even better. 

What is YouHodler?

YouHodler is a fintech company that works in the cryptocurrency market by letting users unlock the power of their virtual currencies without having to sell them. There is a large number of cryptocurrency investors around the world that have saved digital currencies. However, they have the need to use these virtual currencies to grow their business, buy something they want or simply use cash for daily needs. 

The problem is that it becomes quite inconvenient (and risky) to sell virtual currencies nowadays when they could continue growing in the future. Most of these investors believe in a future in which cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) will become a key player in the financial world. This creates a situation in which they do not want to risk selling their cryptocurrencies and losing on possible profitable opportunities to hold them for the future. 

This is where YouHodler makes a difference. The company lets users have a high-yield crypto-savings account that lets users make a profit on their crypto holdings. Currently, the company is letting users handle Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), True USD (TUSD), Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Stellar (XLM), Ripple (XRP), DASH and many others. 

YouHodler is an EU and Swiss-based company with offices in both Cyprus and Switzerland. Moreover, the company is also part of the Blockchain Association of Financial Commission and the Crypto Valley Association. This means that customers are protected by the Financial Commission’s dispute resolution process.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the company has also established a large network of partners such as Ledger Vault, Elliptic, and Acuant, among others. This lets the company grow and expand making sure that they are compliant with all the requirements and regulations currently in place. There are different solutions that are currently being offered by YouHodler and that we will share with you in the next section. 

YouHodler Services

YouHodler is currently offering different services to cryptocurrency users. The official site of the company displays seven different services: Crypto Loans, Crypto Exchange, Interest, Multi Hodl, Turbocharge, Crypto Savings and Collateral Options. These products would let different users get access to the solutions and services they need in just a few simple taps. 

Crypto Loans

With instant crypto loans, users can use the top 50 cryptocurrencies as collateral for crypto loans. This would let them get the highest loan to value ratio (90%) and receive EUR, USD, CHF, GBP or BTC. Users that prefer to handle stablecoins can also receive them and withdraw them instantly to credit cards and personal banks. 

This option lets users also get a loan for 61 days or 180 days. However, these two options would have a lower loan to value (LTV) equal to 70% and 50%, respectively. Users can extend the loan by paying a loan fee that depends on the LTV option selected. 


The cryptocurrency exchange is a simple and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange that lets users trade their fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies and other stablecoins. This solution offers real-time execution prices and low fees. Users can rely on this exchange by using credit cards and SEPA transfers. 

Earn Interest

Investors that want to earn interest on their cryptocurrencies can also get up to 12.3% interest. At the moment, they support Bitcoin, Pax Gold (PAXG), USD Coin (USDC), True USD (TUSD) and other digital currencies. Users can easily convert their cold-storage assets into a crypto savings account that will reward them with interest. 

Multi Hodl

The multi hodl product is one of the most user-friendly trading services for users that want to make profits from market volatility. Users can easily profit by opening UP and DOWN positions in just seconds. 

This solution includes fast and real execution times without order placement fees. Moreover, there are no profits-share fees and there are instant withdrawals and deposits. The positive thing about this product is that no sales managers will push you to trade. There are also no strings attached and your profit will always be your profit. 

One of the most popular strategies followed by investors is the Barbell Strategy. This limits users’ risks while being exposed to potentially high gains. This strategy includes having 80% of your investments in a savings account (which follows a conservative strategy with a guaranteed profit of 12% a year without risk), and 20% in small speculative bets that have high risk but a high reward as well. The potential profit for this 20% part of the portfolio is almost 300% with a potential loss of 50%. 

If you need help, the online support team will be ready to answer any of your questions. 


This service lets you borrow to get more cryptocurrencies. You can easily clone your collateral and benefit in case of further price growth. Turbocharge is based on the “cascade of loans” principle. Users can clone their crypto up to x8 with a 90% LTV. 

There is a fixed fee and there are no rollover fees for investors that use this service. Hence, it is cheaper than trading. Users can also set a take profit price and start enjoying the benefits of Turbocharge if there is a bull run in the crypto market. 

Team Experience

When analyzing a cryptocurrency project and company it is always important to have a look at the team and the experience they have in the cryptocurrency market. The team behind YouHodler has several years of experience in the cryptocurrency market. 

Ilya Volkov is the co-founder of the company and the CEO. With more than 15 years working in FinTechs, Commercial Finance and Trading, Ilya Volkov became the leading person behind YouHodler. He is also an active member of the Blockchain Association and a Board Member of the Crypto Valley Association. 

Alex Vinny is an expert in financial applications and a former senior UI/UX engineer of one of the leading trading applications in the market. He led a financial app that handled more than 2.2 million clients in over 110 countries. Thanks to his experience, he is now the Head of Product at YouHodler and a key part of the team. 

Renat Gafarov is the CTO of the company. He is a blockchain architect and the creator of blockchain integration back-end solutions that are used by several cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto industry. Thanks to his knowledge in smart contract architecture, he created hundreds of unique smart contract solutions. 

Considering the cryptocurrency market is expanding, regulators are searching for different ways to make the industry as secure as possible for investors. This is why Julian Grech, legal counsel, is working in order to deal with all the necessary regulations in the space. He has experience as a legal professional with advisory experience with MiFiD regulated entities and other cryptocurrency-related projects in Switzerland. 

YouHodler Partners

When it comes to creating reliable, safe and recognized products, it is always necessary to have contact and partnerships with other firms in the industry. This is why YouHodler has created different arrangements and partnerships with leading companies in the financial and cryptocurrency sectors. 

Some of these companies include Acuant, Fireblocks, Elliptic, Sumsub, Ondato, and Ledger Enterprise Solutions, among others. 

Ledger Enterprise Solutions helps the company secure digital assets through a custody solution that includes a $150 million pooled crime insurance. Holding users’ funds requires knowledge and Ledger is a leading company in the cryptocurrency market offering custody solutions. 

Acuant and Elliptic are helping YouHodler deal with Compliance and AML-related topics. This ensures business safety and makes it possible to manage financial crime risk. In this way, YouHodler achieves regulatory compliance and users’ confidence. Ondato and Sumsub are also helping the company manage its AML and KYC processes. 

Finally, Fireblocks is also a key partner of YouHodler as it lets the company get access to hundreds of crypto and software APIs that make the whole business possible. YouHodler continues to engage with different leading companies in the industry. In this way, they are not only offering reliable solutions to users but they make sure that they follow the best industry standards when it comes to services. 

Safety and Security

The cryptocurrency market has been marked by different hacks, attacks and security issues. This is why safety and security become very important. YouHodler takes a very serious approach to security. As we have seen in the previous section, the company has already been working with other recognized firms in the industry in order to offer secure and reliable solutions to clients. 

All operations at YouHodler are 100% secure. This is thanks to all the industry best practices for IT security checks and data protection. The crypto industry has been searching for better approaches to handling users’ funds and YouHodler is a leader in terms of security and reliability. 

The company stores fiat funds at reputable bank accounts in Europe and Switzerland, making it easy for investors to send and receive funds. Moreover, they can be sure that they are operating in a regulated environment with some of the largest financial institutions in the world. 

Additionally, to offer extra security to investors, YouHodler is working with Ledger Vault’s solution in order to secure and control its cryptocurrency assets. Thanks to a multi-authorization and self-custody management solution, YouHodler is nowadays one of the most secure companies operating in the crypto industry. 

Finally, all credit card operations are under PCI Security Standards and all crypto operations follow the Cryptocurrency Security Standards (CCSS). Furthermore, they also run external security audits on a regular basis. 

Final Words

YouHodler is a versatile, secure and regulated company that offers users the possibility to get access to a wide range of services related to crypto and fiat currencies. The main goal is to help users keep their crypto and use cash. This is possible thanks to its instant loan service that is offered to clients that want to get the most out of their digital currencies.