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Zilliqa Enables The First Smart Contract Platform Based On Sharding

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Zilliqa has just announced that it has enabled the first-ever smart contract platform built on sharding. The information was released in a blog post by Amrit Kumar, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Zilliqa, on June 10.

Zilliqa Enables Smart Contract Platform Based On Sharding

The Zilliqa platform has now launched smart contracts. This shows the trend in which the cryptocurrency market is currently going in order to be able to scale and offer high quality services.

Developers will now be able to write and deploy smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain that uses the smart contract language Scilla. Zilliqa launched its mainnet a few months ago and they have been working in order to release this new feature in their network. Mr. Kumar informed that they will keep working as they do to culminate the bootstrap phase.

There are four main features of the Zilliqa smart contracts:

  1. Amenable to formal verification: developers worked on a balance between expressivity and traceability.
  2. Static analyzers suite: the new language has static analyzers that check for different bugs and issues in the contract
  3. Clean separation: different operational components of a contract will be handled in a very clean manner
  4. Safe standard libraries: Scilla comes with standard libraries such as a library that performs arithmetic operations in a safe manner. Users will not have to depend on external libraries such as OpenZeppelin.

These smart contracts are going to help expand the network in a large number of sectors. Zilliqa will also be participating in a wide range of events and conferences in order to engage with the community. They will be present at the Paris Blockchain Week, Malta Blockchain Summit, New York Blockchain Week, ETH Denver and San Francisco Developer Week, and many others.

About it, Mr. Kumar said:

“Another aspect of this is making sure Zilliqa is leveraging its world-class talent and paying it forward in terms of education and awareness. This has involved running workshops in developer hotspots across the world, in partnership with industry organizations, universities and research centers.”

As they mentioned, enabling smart contract functionalities on their blockchain is a critical step towards their journey in the crypto market.

At the time of writing this article, Zilliqa is the 44th largest cryptocurrency in the market. It has a market capitalization of $201 million and a price per coin of $0.023148.

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