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Australians Can Now Pay Their Bills with Crypto

Two Australian companies have signed a partnership to offer individuals the option of paying bills using cryptocurrencies. The companies involved include Gobbill, a payment firm, and Cointree an important Australian exchange.

Gobbill Signs Partnership with Cointree

According to a blog post uploaded by Gobbill on August 20,, the company will be working with Cointree to enable users to pay bills using virtual currencies.

At the moment, only users using these platforms will be allowed to pay household bills using cryptos. unds would have to be stored in Cointree’s wallet if they want to be used for payment. Virtual currencies accepted range from Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH), to other smaller cap coins.

Gobbill users can link a crypto wallet in their account and pay the bills using a credit card, bank account or another virtual currency.

Shendon Ewans, CEO and co-founder of Gobbill, is sure about the future of the partnership and the positive value it will add to customers.

He commented:

“Digital currencies are becoming mainstream, and our view at Gobbill is to support customer choice and convenience. We anticipate a surge in the number of customers who would like to pay their bills in crypto in the coming years. Our partnership with Cointree will cater to this market and ensure Gobbill continues to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to allowing our users to pay their bills automatically.”

Shane Stevenson, Cointree CEO, is also very excited about this partnership. He said that it is a great opportunity for the companies to leverage their strengths.

This is a very important announcement because Cointree is trying to expand to other international markets.

Moreover, Gobbill is also trying to expand around the world. It has signed an agreement with iSignthis (ASX:ISX) for eKYC payment processing and with wealth management leader myprosperity.

There currently are other services that allow bill payments with some cryptocurrencies. For example, Living Room of Satoshi has offered a different way to pay for Australian bills. Until now, over 100,000 bills have been paid using that platform.

If cryptocurrencies want to expand, help from these platforms to use tokens for everyday items like bills is a great start.

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