How to Buy Bitcoin with Itunes Gift Card?


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How to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card

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With the expansion of virtual currencies, people are now asking ‘how to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card?’ Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do so without relying on traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. However, there is a way to do so using Paxful and selecting iTunes gift card as a payment method. 

In this guide, we will give you the answer to ‘how to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card?’ what Bitcoin is, and more. Everything will be explained in the next sections and we will use different examples so you can be sure that you will have all the necessary information to handle your virtual currencies. 

What is an iTunes Gift Card?

iTunes gift cards are literally cards charged with funds that could be used to purchase goods and services on the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Music, Apple Books or iCloud storage. However, you could eventually sell your iTunes gift card to purchase other types of goods and services. 

Nonetheless, most of the shops do not accept iTunes gift cards as a means of payment. Due to this reason, it would be difficult to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card. Those investors that want to know how to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card might find it difficult. Moreover, if they find the possibility to do so, there might be a very high premium to pay for that.

An iTunes gift card is mostly used as a gift to other people or friends, not to pay for things. Moreover, if you have cash and you want to purchase anything from the Apple ecosystem, you can do so by purchasing an iTunes gift card at any local store that sells them. 

With an iTunes gift card, you have a 16-digit code that starts with an X. You can open Apple’s solutions and then you can acquire the services you were looking for. An iTunes gift card is usually better than an Apple Store gift card because you can use it to buy more things. 

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the largest cryptocurrency in the world. It has expanded as a scarce and decentralized virtual currency that does not require a centralized authority to operate. That means that you can receive and send money anywhere around the world without a centralized organization, such as a bank, to approve the transactions. 

Bitcoin Chart

Bitcoin became very popular due to its limited supply (there are only 21 million Bitcoin coins that will be mined) and the fact that it is decentralized. One of the main advantages of Bitcoin is related to its permissionless way to operate. 

Due to these reasons, Bitcoin was able to reach a massively high price of over $64,000 dollars in 2021. That being said, this is a very volatile cryptocurrency. Its price fluctuates on a daily basis and it has not been created for everyone (some people do not like volatility). 

Thanks to its infrastructure, it can easily be used only with a smartphone and without the need to rely on a centralized party. Thus, your transactions cannot be blocked and you do not rely on systems that could reject your transfer. With Bitcoin, you can be sure that your transaction will be processed. 

Nowadays, there are many other virtual currencies operating side to side to Bitcoin. This expansion of the crypto market started with Bitcoin offering fast, easy-to-use, and cheap transactions. 

If you want to know how to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card, then you are in the right place. We will let you know how to get access to this virtual currency and how you can purchase it in just minutes using an iTunes gift card. 

How to Buy Bitcoin with Itunes Gift Card?

If you want to know how to buy bitcoin with iTunes gift card, let us know that this is not the most common method to buy Bitcoin. Indeed, if you want to purchase Bitcoin, we suggest you use other types of solutions such as cryptocurrency exchanges, fiat currencies (USD, ERU, JPY) and try traditional payment methods. 

However, there is a way to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card: Paxful. 


Paxful is a peer-to-peer financial platform that allows users to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with different payment methods. Through this platform that is operating worldwide, users decide the payment methods used to buy and sell Bitcoin. 

Although Paxful has been expanding around the world, the most popular and fastest way to buy Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange. Paxful, instead, allows users from countries without access to respected crypto exchanges to buy Bitcoin with different payment methods. 

Buy Bitcoin at Paxful

If you want to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card, then you should go to Paxful and open an account on this platform. This is the first step you need to follow in order to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card. 

Then you should select the “Buy Bitcoin” option and select the iTunes Gift Card option that would be present on the page. Take into consideration that depending on the region you are in, there might not be Bitcoin sellers ready to sell their coins for an iTunes gift card. However, there might be a chance to purchase Bitcoin but paying a premium price for it. 

Once you selected the payment method, the vendor will have to release the coins and you would have to share with them your iTunes gift card. This process can take some minutes before it gets accepted. 

After this, you will receive the funds in your account that you would be able to withdraw to your wallet. As we mentioned before, there is low liquidity for iTunes gift cards. If you want to buy Bitcoin with them, you should search for more efficient alternatives and use the iTunes gift cards for their real use case. 

How to Buy Itunes Gift Card with Bitcoin (BTC)?

Now that you know how to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card, let’s see how to buy iTunes gift card with Bitcoin. This is the other way around. As we mentioned before, you could sell your Bitcoin using Paxful.

The same process would look like for sellers. You can create a sell order in Paxful of your Bitcoin and wait until somebody decides to purchase them. There is usually a low demand for Bitcoin using iTunes, thus, if you want to buy iTunes gift card with Bitcoin, there are other ways of doing so in a faster and easier way. 


Cryptorefills is a platform that would make it possible for users to purchase iTunes gift card for Bitcoin and get access to Apple services with an iTunes gift card. This is one of the easiest ways to spend your BTC if you want to have access to Apple’s solutions. Apple does not support bitcoin for purchases. 


In order to buy iTunes gift card with Bitcoin, you need to go to Cryptorefills and select the country from which you are operating. Remember that iTunes gift cards can only be used in the country in which they were purchased. Be aware of this issue. 

There are different packages you can choose from depending on your interests. Some of them include EUR, GBP or USD value ranging from 5 to 100 in nominal value. One of the positive things about Cryptorefills is that you are able to buy iTunes gift card with Bitcoin or even with Litecoin (LTC), one of the largest virtual currencies in the market. 

Once you finish the purchase, you will be able to redeem your voucher on your email account. The voucher will be ready to be used. This is the way in which you get access to an iTunes gift card using Bitcoin or Litecoin. 

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC)?

There are different ways in which you can get access to Bitcoin. Everything depends on the type of platform you use. The process should be quite easy in most cases. Now that you know how to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card, you could easily start using other types of platforms to engage in other trading activities. 

The easiest way to purchase Bitcoin is by using a crypto exchange. But if you now know how to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card, then, other methods shouldn’t be difficult for you. Indeed, if you have already used Paxful or LocalBitcoins, you have already tried a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform. 

In the next sections, we share with you which are some of the possibilities you have in order to get access to Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. 


If you know how to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card, using exchanges would be quite easy for you to handle. Exchanges are the easiest and fastest way to buy, handle, hold and trade virtual currencies. This can be done with multiple exchanges in different locations depending on the place where you are located. 

Exchanges are usually very useful for users because they have different payment methods. You can purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets using fiat currencies and a wide range of payment methods. 

Usually, you can send funds to the exchange and buy most of the virtual currencies you want. In general, you can buy the most popular and largest virtual currencies. In some platforms, smaller tokens are also available. 

Nonetheless, it is difficult (or impossible) to buy Bitcoin using iTunes gift cards on exchanges. This possibility is now available using Paxful, that makes it easier for users to sell their iTunes gift cards for Bitcoin. 


P2P or (peer-to-peer) platforms are those exchanges that make it possible for you to engage in trading activities with other people. Rather than using an order book, you will buy and sell BTC or any other virtual currency from other people. 

hand shaking after learning how to convert bitcoin to cash

Paxful is one of the most popular P2P platforms available right now in the market. Why? Because it is currenlty operating in a large number of jurisdictions and it is also among the platforms with the largest volume in P2P terms. 

We should also talk about LocalBitcoins. This platform has been growing over the last few years and it reached a large number of users. P2P platforms are usually present in regions and jurisdictions where crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase or KuCoin do not operate. 

This is why, countries with larger trading restrictions have P2P platforms that allow them to buy and get exposure to Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Additionally, P2P platforms include different payment methods. 

As we have seen in this how to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card, Paxful supports not only iTunes gift cards, fiat currencies and bank transfers, but they also accept not so traditional payment methods. In this way, the Bitcoin market increases its liquidity and offers larger possibilities for users to buy Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin ATMs

If you thought that these were all the options avialable for you to buy Bitcoin, then you were wrong. You can also buy Bitcoin using ATMs that support virtual currencies. These ATMs look very similar to traditional ATMs but they do not allow you to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card. 

These ATMs are located in different places in most of the biggest cities around the world. Shopping centres or malls are usually the best places to find these ATMs. CoinATMRadar is one of the most popular websites to find information about Bitcoin ATMs around the world. 

Orange Bitcoin ATM with the Bitcoin logo, perhaps not the cheapest way to buy bitcoin and a great tool for users that want to know how to convert bitcoin to cash

Most Bitcoin ATMs do support other virtual currencies. You can usually purchase them with your local currency and the funds will be sent to your wallet. In most cases, you will have to pay for a premium price for the virtual currency that you are buying. Most of the times, the spread is large and this would create some inefficiencies. 

Nonetheless, Bitcoin ATMs could be one of the best ways to get access to digital currencies without having to go through traditional exchanges or other P2P platforms. 

Final Words

As we have seen, to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card you should use Paxful or similar platforms that support this type of payment method for cryptocurrencies. Let’s not forget that when you use iTunes gift card to buy Bitcoin, you will have to pay a higher price for your Bitcoin. Thus, it is better to use other types of payment methods to get access to virtual currencies. 

If you want to buy Bitcoin, you can also use traditional exchanges, P2P platforms and also Bitcoin ATMs. You can also sell your BTC for iTunes gift card, but it might be better to sell your BTC for cash or other type of digital currency and then get access to iTunes gift cards.