NEO Morpheus Wallet Can Be Used to Participate in Token Sales

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Morpheus Wallet is an all-in-one client side desktop wallet that allows users to store, send, receive and exchange virtual currencies and monitor and manage a crypto portfolio. Moreover, the Morpheus Wallet integrates real time price charts offering users the possibility to analyse and asses cryptocurrency price data.

NEO Morpheus Wallet to Participate in Guardium’s (GDM) Token Sale

With Morpheus Wallet individuals can also participate in token sales, like the one that Guardium (GDM) is promoting now. 

By clicking on the dApp Browser that appears in the left menu will allow you to participate in token sales. You just need to select the token sale desired (in this case the Guardium one), and just enter the amount of NEO that you want to spend on the new tokens.

Once you decided the amount of NEO that you will use to buy the specific token, you just need to hit the ‘send’ button. Immediately after, you will see a screen that will as you to confirm the transaction.

The pop up screen reads as follows:

“Please confirm the hashscript and that the token sale is open before spending funds. Sending funds to a sale that has ended or that has not started may result in your funds being lost. This action is irreversible.”

Some months later, after the NEO blockchain updates, you will have the token that you bought in your wallet.

Who’s behind Morpheus Wallet?

The founder and Chief Creative Officer is Aaron Besson. He is a Trinidadian entrepreneur, designer, developer and autodidactic. Creator, founder and Chief Creative Officer at Morpheus with over 20 years of experience in user interface design.

Christian Stone, is the Chief Business Officer of Morpheus Wallet. He is a serial entrepreneur and academic with over 15 years of entrepreneurship experience in the technology, educational, and manufacturing sectors. He won the 2015 EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the year and is a holder of a Master in Business Administration, a Master in Education, and a Ph. D. Management from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Other important team members are Krs Jospeh and Tawsif Ahmed.

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