EOS/USD Digital Exchange Ready to List XDC Token to Support Pilot Project has announced that it will start to list XDC/ETH (XDC / Ethereum), XDC/BTC (XDC / Bitcoin) and XDC/XRP (XDC / Ripple ) trading pairs in order to provide liquidity for XinFin’s tradefinex, remittance and IoT Pilot projects with different international institutions.

These projects are currently being undertaken by various regulated global institutions on XDC01 protocol. XDCs or XinFin Digital Contracts are the fuel that powers the Hybrid Blockchain network that XinFin’s is built in.

XinFin is currently evolving its hybrid XDC01 protocol that lets enterprises maintain a private sate and a public state on the same Blockchain that provides secure, stable, higher through-put network platform for global Fin Tech institutions. XinFin has signed agreements with over 10 global institutions that aim to make use of XinFin’s Hybrid Blockchain model to disrupt various industry verticals such as remittances, travel, supply chain, assets and Projects financing,” said Peter Yeo, CO-founder at – Supporting XDC Pilot Projects is a trading platform that was created for competent investors, businesses and individuals that want to buy or sell XDC, Ether, and Bitcoin. intention is to provide a fast and simple buying experience for customers that want to accumulate blockchain backed assets like Ether, Bitcoin and XDC.

“With the recent regulatory announcements around compliance standards and licenses for digital asset exchanges, will be following Industry’s best AML/KYC standards and will work on protection of trade for its customers,” said Mr. Yeo.

This year, regulations over ICOs, platform exchanges, cryptocurrencies and different project have been increasing. Different countries and institutions have decided to regulate this new technologies, enterprises and fundraising mechanisms. As the regulatory framework is just starting, enterprises working with Blockchain technology, that manage big amounts of money, should have a trusted Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer policies.

These kind of policies will allow to operate in a regulated market, respecting the law and giving security to customer’s assets. XDC and have decided to go forward and be in line with all the regulations and requirements needed now and that could be required in the future.

“ has extended invitations to regulated enterprises and financial institutions around the globe who can make use of the platform to offer a fiat currency pairs against XinFin XDCs where participating institutions are authorised to operate”. wants to help global institutions that work on XinFin’s XDC protocol to find liquidity on the markets. This can be achieved thanks to the expert team behind It includes highly experienced financial experts, IT professionals skilled in areas like software development, automated payment processing, network security and many other fields.

“Among various pilots that will be conducted on will be fixed rate remittances, Token of Trust for Global Trade, digitalization of real world assets and Finance and providing settlement layer for the IoT enabled projects,” commented Co-founder.

XDC – Market Information

At the moment, XDC market capitalization arrives almost at $48 million dollars and its price is $0.003168 per unit (as on 27th Nov, 2017). The total supply of XDC will be 100 billion and at present, the current supply in circulation is 15 billion units.

Nowadays, XinFin’s team is working with to list XDC token. The application form has already been submitted by XinFin and soon coinmarketcap will start to list XDC.

XinFin is an organization that aims to improve the overall deficit in the global infrastructure with the help of Blockchain technology. Infrastructure consider to be hottest space in blockchain technology. The main idea is to make transactions more secure and transparent among the parties involved in a cross-border trade and remittance using secure smart contract and cross border settlement facility. “XinFin believes in establishing an environment that will help businesses to thrive without having to worry about the hassles of the international fund transfer.”

The developer team will be rewarded with XDC tokens which makes secure future for strong development community. More detail on Development community at:

Xinfin organisation also discussing with larger institution to get involve and participate to have leverage on blockchain technology. Xinfin already done with successful Pilot Project on  infrastructure space now challenge is to see how they execute and manage larger infrastructure project given by government and institution, If things goes well then they are the clear winner in blockchain space.

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