Bitminer Factory Launches ICO on July 21, 2018 with 12% Discount

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After launching their Presale on July 1st, 2018 which ends July 20th, 2018, Bitminer Factory today announced their ICO will start July 21st, 2018 with limited time 12% discount. Their startup makes the Blockchain sustainable by using renewable energy to mine cryptocurrencies and shares the benefits with token holders. Crypto fans, Miners, and other investors will profit from the exponentially growing demand for energy to power worldwide crypto-mining activities.

Presale ends – 20/7/18

ICO starts – 21/7/18

Tokens to sell – 100,000,000

Presale (currently active)
Dates – 01/7/18 to 20/7/18
Discount – 18% to 20/7/18

Lockup – 3 months
Token price – $1.00 USD

Duration – 72 days (21/7/18 to 30/9/18)
Discount tier 1  – 12% to 20/8/18

Discount tier 2  – 6% to 20/9/18

Token price – $1.00 USD
Soft cap – $0.5M USD
Hard cap – $100M USD

Energy needs for the global crypto-mining industry have increased fivefold in less than a year and are expected to double over the coming year. Bitminer Factory investors will profit by taking part in the radical transformation underway in the energy sector, switching from fossil-based to zero-carbon.


Gabriele Angeli said, “Our tokens represent a mining contract that allows anyone to benefit from the production of our mining and renewable energy plants.” Further, he added “We’re so confident we’ll succeed, we’re offering a Buy-Back plan for our tokens every three months where investors can sell back their tokens at an increasingly higher price.”


Bitminer is a startup from Angeli’s Group, constructors and energy producers for 40 years. With more than 20 collaborators and more than €3M revenues, they are the largest industrial crypto-mining group in Italy. Gabriele Angeli, Founder, has longstanding experience as a general contractor in the Oil and Gas and renewable energy industry, where his family business, Angeli Group has been working for large corporates worldwide for over 50 years.


Co-founder Gabriele Stampa brings extensive web project and web marketing expertise. In addition, Bitminer’s team of 20 collaborators bring a wealth of experience in Venture Capital, E-business, Finance, Hi-tech, Renewable energy, IoT and web development.


Together they have turned Bitminer Factory into the largest mining operator in Italy with over 18 months of hands-on business experience selling and operating Miners for both private and business clients.


About why Bitminer is offering an ICO, Gabriele added, “We decided to go to the next step and allow everyone to participate in our project by purchasing tokens. We want to make the Blockchain sustainable by using renewable energy to mine cryptocurrencies and share the benefits with our token holders.”


LATEST NEWS: Private Sale exceeds expectations, $1.1M sold – See full report


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