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Canadian Olympic Athlete Accepts Cryptocurrencies at the Winter Games

· 13 Feb 2018 in Crypto News, Home
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South Koreans have been deeply interested in cryptocurrencies. The Asian country is one of the most active in the cryptocurrency market. And now that they are organizing the winter Olympic games, the media is working all the time with the different athletes. The Canadian competitor Ted-Jan Bloemen accepts cryptocurrencies for a sponsorship agreement with different enterprises.

Cryptocurrencies at the Olympics

The first athlete to be paid in cryptocurrency is known as Ted-Jan Bloemen, a Canadian speed skater that is participating at the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. According to CNN, the Canadian speed skater has become the first athlete to be paid entirely in cryptocurrencies. Volatility and scalability seem not to be an issue neither for the athlete nor for the sponsors.

The athlete is sponsored by the ONG Social that has a social network and a cryptocurrency community and CEEK VR, a developer of virtual reality experiences.

It is important to mark that it is not a cheap experience to participate in an Olympic game. Several athletes do not have the chance to participate because there is not a state that sponsors them or an enterprise. Cryptocurrencies are now making possible the dream that several athletes have.

“Speed skating success is all about progression – building and building to peak at the right time;” commented Bloemen alongside with CEEK VR and ONG social last month. In this agreement, the world record-holder will share the Olympic journey on the ONG Social network. Furthermore, he will have to share a 360º virtual reality experience on CEEK VR.

Mary Sipio, CEO and founder of the VR company commented:

“Bloemen’s support for cutting-edge technologies is reflective of his proclivity for pushing the boundaries. We believe Virtual reality isn’t just great for our audience but will ultimately be used for training and maximizing player performance and potential.”

On January the 31st Ted-Jan Bloemen wrote in Twitter that he was the first ever Sponsored Athlete and that he is looking forward to a great relationship with the sponsors and exciting times ahead.

Image: National Post

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