etf2 - Coincapital Listed Blockchain ETF On the Toronto Stock Exchange

Coincapital Listed Blockchain ETF On the Toronto Stock Exchange

Coincapital Investment Management Inc, also known as Coincapital, has listed a blockchain ETF on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The company has taken the decision to list a blockchain exchange traded fund (ETF). Coincapital is the portfolio management division of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare.

Coincapital Launches Blockchain ETF

The company is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission and is now providing new blockchain ETFs to the market. The ETFs are known as the STOXX Blockchain Patents Innovation index Fund (LDGR) and the STOXX B.R.A.I.N Index FUND (THNK). They were scheduled to start operating on September 22nd.

The first ETF, the LDGR, will be investing in global equity securities of companies that are focused on blockchain tech. In order to select the investments, they carefully analyze intellectual property patent filings. This allows Coincapital to select the best blockchain adopters and innovators.

The second ETF, the THNK, will focus on investing in equity securities of companies that are focused on revolutionizing and promising technologies. For example, it will include investments in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and robotics.

Coincapital is currently using a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm that identifies and recognizes the best companies for the fund.

Canadians will now have new investment opportunities. With these ETFs, experts and beginners will have the possibility to have exposure to revolutionary technologies.

Lewis Bateman, Coincapital CEO, commented on the matter:

“Canadians know technologies like artificial intelligence and the blockchain are going to change the way we live and work, but it can be difficult to access high-quality investments in these sectors without deep domain expertise. We’re doing the work for investors, using our in-depth industry knowledge to provide Canadians with an innovative suite of investment options that help them invest in new technology even if they’re not an expert.”

These are not the first Blockchain ETFs listed in the country. In the past other ETFs were launched, such as the Horizons Blockchain Technology and Hardware Index ETF. This ETF invests in different companies such as Nvidia, Digital Realty Trust Inc, and many others.


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