ConsenSys Partners with AMD and Halo On Blockchain Technology

ยท 17 Jan 2019 in Crypto News
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The Ethereum-related company ConsenSys has recently partnered with Halo Holdings and AMD to scale the emerging blockchain ecosystem. The information was released a few days ago by ConsenSys. Apparently, the intention is to develop optimized datacenter solutions for emerging blockchain workloads.

ConsenSys Partners With AMD to Leverage DLT

After weeks of being criticized by the crypto community, ConsenSys continues to grow in the market. The company announced that it is collaborating with two important companies, Halo Holdings and AMD. They will be creating a solution called W3BCLOUD.

By leveraging the blockchain software expertise of ConsenSys, W3BCLOUD will be developing optimized solutions that will be powered by AMD hardware. These will be able to support a wide range of workloads and applications for governments and commercial firms. In this way, decentralized applications will expand among new companies and entities.

Joe Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys and the co-creator of Ethereum commented about it:

“Bolstering the compute power of blockchain networks with AMD’s leading-edge technology will be of great benefit to the scalable adoption of emerging decentralized systems around the globe. The combination of hardware and software will power a new infrastructure layer and enable an accelerated proliferation of blockchain technologies.”

This service that is going to be developed by these companies will be focused on providing the first independent cloud computing blockchain infrastructure. In order to do so, W3BCLOUD will combine transaction throughput with state-of-the-art security. ConsenSys is able to provide the security requirements necessary as well as the emerging use cases for the technology.

AMD will be providing access to high-performance hardware technologies. This would allow ConsenSys to better scale and proliferate decentralized networks and services. There are several companies and large corporations that are demanding new blockchain-related services to tackle licensing and supply chain management. Governments are also trying to tackle challenges such as smart identity, enterprise data centers, and health ID tracking.

Some time ago, ConsenSys partnered with ING, Citigroup, and Shell, among other companies to launch Komgo SA. This is a venture aimed at creating solutions for companies using the Ethereum platform. Ethereum has been growing in the market as a blockchain network used by companies and other crypto projects in the market.

Back in December 2018, ConsenSys announced that it entered a new development phase called ConsenSys 2.0. The main purpose is to improve efficiency, accountability and be more focused on revenue.

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