Córdoba Argentina Will Implement Blockchain Technology to Boost Transparency

· 14 Jun 2018 in Crypto News, Home
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Córdoba, one of the most important provinces of Argentina, will start using blockchain technology so as to boost government’s transparency. The main intention is to increase bureaucratic efficiency and reduce operational costs. At the same time, it will help increasing people’s trust in the local government.

Córdoba Adopts Blockchain Technology

The province is the second most important and populous in the country after Buenos Aires. By implementing blockchain technology, it will be having a better control of the data that the government has, and will be facing all the challenges surrounding these new technologies. 

Andrés Vázquez, Director of Information Systems of the Secretariat of Modernization of the Municipality of Córdoba, commented:

“After having done a great deal of work on government transparency, we believe that the municipality should take care of the security and continuity of the published data. An issue that is not on the agenda of most of the country’s municipalities, but given the degree of progress we have in the publication of data, our municipality is in a position to think about these challenges.”

The municipality will be working with different argentine technology companies including Signatura, Qubistry and Ayi & Asociados. At the moment Bitcoin and Ethereum will be used to implement the blockchain system. These two networks are the most developed in the market and have been applied several times by many other companies and governments worldwide.

As time passes, the government informed that they will be adding more information to the blockchain network and that they will make it easier for interested parties to search for uploaded documents.

“Blockchain technology in Cordoba’s Municipality aims to avoid this or future governments to modify or eliminate critic data that has already been published,” explained Vázquez. “Other organizations will have the possibility to audit what we publish.”

This will also help the local government to increase its transparency. People will be able to access all the public data. In the future, the next political parties or employees will not be able to modify information that has already been uploaded to the network.

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