Cryptocurrency Exchange Wishes Satoshi Nakamoto Happy Birthday

The most popular man and a mystery of a cryptocurrency market Satoshi Nakamoto, according to someone’s beliefs, celebrated his 44th birthday on April 5th. p2pb2b trading platform decided to honor Bitcoin founder and officially wished him a Happy Birthday on their website. Moreover, the exchange also started a flash mob on Twitter entitled #Satoshi_Is_Alive to find out if Mr.Nakamoto exists.

What is #Satoshi_Is_Alive flash mob about?

The crypto exchange has created a hashtag with the help of which anyone can ask a question to Satoshi Nakamoto. Twitter users create a post which states “#Satoshi_Is_Alive, and I want to ask him” followed by the question. There are of course no guarantees that Satoshi Nakamoto will answer but if you never try you won’t know. Here are some samples of tweets written by users:

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pasted image 0 2

P2pb2b tweet

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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Bitcoin was officially released in January 2009. Even though more than ten years have already past, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is. There are quite a lot of assumptions regarding his origin. Someone thinks he is Japanese due to the name choice, while others suppose that he also might be from England due to his perfect language skills. People even were trying to identify Bitcoin founder by tracking the time of his published posts, but instead, it created more questions than gave reasonable answers.

At the end of 2010, Satoshi handed control over the Bitcoin code depositary to Gavin Andresen. Later in spring 2011, Bitcoin creator came back to leave the last message saying that the coin is in good hands and that he has moved on to different things. No one has ever heard about him after that.

Maybe we will finally know who Satoshi Nakamoto is? We’ll see. Would you ask a question to Bitcoin founder?

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