Demand for Workers with Blockchain Skills Grows Up Among Employees

· 14 Jan 2018 in Crypto News, Home

The industry is moving towards Blockchain. And that’s something that can be seen objectively. More employees are searching for workers with Blockchain related skills. The intention to innovate with this technology arrived to a moment in which the demand is higher than the offer. Some of these works are paid very well and offer great future opportunities.

Enterprises Invest in Technology

Different businesses like LinkedIn or UpWork have informed how their clients are searching more blockchain related employers and how cryptocurrency and bitcoin posts have been increasing.

UpWork is one of the most known freelancer websites. Individuals can offer their skills and enterprises can search for workers. This company has registered 2,200 blockchain-related jobs posts in the fourth quarter 2017. That represents a 2,194 percent increase from the same period in 2016.

“We are seeing thousands of blockchain-related jobs posted every month. On average those jobs get filled about every three days,” said Rick Pearson, senior vice president at Upwork to CNBC.

Cryptocurrencies had an important role in this surge. Compared to one year ago, Blockchain related jobs have increased in a similar rate than the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The value of the most known cryptocurrencies has increased more than 2,000% in just a year. In 2018, experts believe that the gains will be less, but it will keep being important.

LinkedIn has also experienced an important increase in bitcoin-related jobs. Indeed, from 2014 to 2017, there are 9.4 times more cryptocurrency-related posting. Within the financial services and insurance industry. Besides that, jobs related to the software technology industry have increased 4.6 times.

Increasing Demand in Governments and Enterprises

More enterprises and governments are using blockchain technology to offer better products and services. This is a tendency that we have been explaining at UseTheBitcoin during the last year.

At the same time, more individuals must be prepared for the coming future and increased demand. That’s why, the universities that will offer blockchain courses or cryptocurrency diplomas will be the most benefited from this technology surge.

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