DragonChain Announced Seven New Product Updates This Week

The DragonChain project has faded in popularity since it came upon the scene. But it may once again come to the forefront of crypto conversations.

Through a press release, the project claims that during the Blockchain Seattle Conference, it will launch seven new products. The new and “innovative” products will solve critical problems challenging blockchain technology.

Although the release named the products, the team says more details will be revealed during the conference. The conference is set for September 10 and 11.

DragonChain’s objective is to push blockchain technology to mass adoption. Hence, the products will offer solutions for security, transparency, and scalability. According to the company, the 7 products will span from 10 September to Q2 of 2019, and it is then that whole system will come together in perfect harmony.

Takara- launching

This is DragonChain’s answer to the relative instability in secondary markets. Takara’s direct marketplace will allow DragonChain users to buy tokens at an adoption-based price range. A price that will be stabilizing in the forthcoming months. This is a great boost to the industry as it is currently faced with the problem of volatility and manipulation. Most of these manipulations and volatility cases are caused by secondary exchanges. These exchanges lack both scale and liquidity.

DragonNet- Launching

To facilitate a faster onboarding process for businesses, the project has launched DragonNet. DragonNet will achieve this by allowing businesses to use blockchain-based transaction verifications. This will help reduce the cost and time spent creating a mainnet.

DragonDen- Beta Launch

DragonDen will be a cryptocurrency-enabled social media platform that incentivizes circulation of reputable and trustworthy information. This will encourage users to circulate accurate information and discourage misinformation.

DragonFactor- Q4 2018 Release

DragonFactor will be designed to help users protect their data. The product will use GDPR-compliant, decentralized authentication system. This will give users power over their data and give them the power to control who can access this data.

Marketplace- Q4 2018 Beta Release

This product will bring together all other products allowing its users to seek expert opinion from a range of fields. These fields include crypto, marketing, legal, software development, recruiting and more.

Dragonscale- Q1 2019 Release

This product will bring together all players within the industry and act as an incubator for developers. Developers will be able to develop their projects here and also pitch them to investors and potential users. This will ensure the growth of the industry and boost efforts for its adoption.

DDSS- Q2 2019 Release

Dragon Days of Slumber Score (DDSS) will help the DragonChain project ensure harmony between its products. It will additionally give holders of the coin privileges over some of the platform’s operations. With concerns over manipulation, DragonChain has doubled down on a time-tracking system.

Looking through the products, it’s clear that DragonChain has been working behind closed doors. The project has come up with something revolutionary and only time will tell if this is what ‘re-invents’ blockchain technology.


John is a finance and technology journalist with a growing interest in cryptocurrencies. Writing is his passion and when he’s not writing he’s listening to the Beatles.

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