Facebook May Soon End the Cryptocurrency Ad Ban

· 27 Jun 2018 in Crypto News, Home
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Facebook may be changing opinion about cryptocurrencies and its ban on ads. The main intention is to allow some advertisers to promote their cryptocurrency-related services and predicts in the platform.

Facebook Reviews Cryptocurrency Ban

Back in January, the famous social network decided to ban all crypto-related ads. The main purpose behind that ban was to prevent individuals and companies from promoting financials services which are usually associated with scams or deceptive promotional practices.  

This ban has stopped important companies promoting their products losing an important market in the crypto space and an important number of users.

Before an approval from Facebook, advertisers that want to apply for promoting their products need to present a form and wait for an answer from the famous social network.

Moreover, advertisers will have to show license obtained if they are traded on a public stock exchange or other important documentation of their businesses. After presenting that, they may be granted permission to buy and sell ads.

Since the beginning of the year, cryptocurrencies are operating negatively. Back in December, bitcoin was traded near $20,000 dollars and now it is being traded around $6100 dollars.

Even when the price is down, this does not mean that individuals and companies are not bullish in the long term for Bitcoin. There is an important number of advertisers that is searching pages where to show their crypto services and reach new clients.

It is also important to mention that Facebook started its internal blockchain team that is trying to innovate with distributed ledger technology, launch new products, and improve the services offered by Facebook,

It is possible to apply for the following campaigns:

  • Cryptocurrency products and services.
  • Education on Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Industry News

It is important to mention that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and and will keep being banned at the platform.

The most important aspect to have the chance to be an advertiser is to follow terms and policies, and Facebook’s Advertising Policies. Of course, Facebook can review the ticket.

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