FCoin Founder Mr. Zhang Jian Addressed the Tokenomics of FCoin

ยท 30 Jul 2018 in Crypto News, Home

On Monday, July 23, 2018, FCoin held an online media Q&A session with its founder, Mr. Zhang Jian addressed the Tokenmics of FCoin, a digital asset trading platform that was launched barely two months ago but has already become the most talked about phenomenon in the industry.


The distinguished difference between the structure of the tokenomics design and the traditional business model and incentive mechanism is the reversal of the production relationship. The common form of the Internet is the relationship between the platform and its user. In fact, they are all similar. That is, the relationship between a service provider and a client, or the relationship between a product provider and a consumer. Under the traditional business model, this group of relationships must be antagonistic at the level of interests. Because the mission of a commercial organization is to make money. They earn money from consumers or users. Under the traditional business model, you buy any goods, or you consume any service, the only relationship between you and the service provider and the producer of the goods is that you pay him. The reason that this commercial system can exist is because these users are paying. In other words, these consumers and users are the basis for the existence of this commercial system. But if this commercial system develops more, then it has nothing to do with the users which are the basis and premise of its existence. FCoin is the solution with its practice of tokenomics. The trader not only becomes a user of the platform, but also contributes fees and transactions. At the same time, the trader can also get 100% return of the exchange’s “shares” FT. The returned FT can enjoy FCoin’s income distribution forever. With the maturity of FCoin, its model of income distribution is extremely revolutionary. Firstly, its proportion of dividends distribution is so large. FCoin directly distributes 80% of its revenue to its users on a daily basis. The future of this tokenomics system will definitely show great vitality. It will have a huge impact on the original business model, commercial design and corporate system.

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