Hidden Cryptocurrency Mining Hack Spreads Due To Higher Prices

· 21 Dec 2017 in Crypto News, Home

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been expanding during 2017 and have experienced substantial price increases. Because of this price increase, many websites have been infected with a program that mines using the visitor’s CPU. Hackers install coin-mining scripts that work in the background of public websites.

Hidden Mining Programs

According to a report from Symantec, mining scripts have been expanding in the background of many public websites. Some antivirus are not able to recognise these scripts that drain the users’ CPU power to mine different virtual currencies.

The most popular miner is Coinhive injections. Different hackers used this software to infect an incredible amount of public webpages. While this software has been blocked by various security firms, others still don’t detect them.

These hidden mining programs were thought to replace adds in some websites. Many webpages receive an important amount of money form different adds. With background mining, many users would receive a webpage without adds but contributing to the site’s financial situation. But many webpages use both, adds and this mining software without the permission of the visitors.

For example, CoinHive works asking for permission to the visitor in order to start using its CPU power.

The pop-up question that CoinHive uses reads as follows:

“You can support by allowing them to use your processor for calculations. The calculations are securely executed in your browser’s sandbox. You don’t need to install anything.”

Is There a Massive Infection?

At the moment there is not a massive infection of hidden mining software. But it is important to note that if your CPU is using more power than usual while surfing webpages it is possible that a mining program is draining your CPU power. Some months ago, there were an estimated of 500 infected WordPress sites.

CoinHive advises webmasters to usually control their websites. In this way, hidden mining scripts will be detected and eliminated.

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