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Is New Zealand Becoming a New Global Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Centre?

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There are several countries all over the world that have embraced blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In some cases, the government itself is working with a distributed ledger in different areas, and in some other cases, the regulations to cryptocurrencies and blockchain enterprises are very friendly. According to FintechNZ general manager, James Brown, New Zealand is becoming a global blockchain centre.

New Zealand as a Global Blockchain Centre

Apparently, New Zealand is a laboratory for global blockchain developments. As Mr Brown explains, there are several companies that are working in the country with blockchain technology. 

“There are a growing number of blockchain launches involving Kiwi firms including Blockchain Lab NZ which had helped raise over NZ$410 million ($296 million USD) through initial coin offerings,” explains Brown. “Some of New Zealand’s each stars are involved in a global team which recently launched the world’s first ever blockchain platform for the multi-billion-dollar global online ratings and review industry.”

Blockchain technology is trying to settle in many different countries and enterprises all over the world. About regulations, New Zealand has no strict rules for these enterprises. That would allow the market to grow but without harming local and international projects that chose the island to start operating.

James Brown says about different blockchain projects and figures:

“Kiwis involved included the 2017 New Zealand chief executive of the year award winner Leigh Flounders NZTech and FintechNZ chair Mitchell Pham and Blockchain Labs NZ chief executive Mark Pascall. The Blockchain platform will change an entire global industry and demonstrate how blockchain can solve real world problems.” 

Brown also explains that New Zealand is trying to promote blockchain projects in many different ways. For example, they are trying to bring the New Zealand fintech community together with the government at the 2018 Finotec conference that will be held in November.

Estonia and Belarus are countries that are working very closely with blockchain innovations. Both countries have showed support to cryptocurrencies and blockchain enterprises with flexible regulations. Belarus has recently approved very friendly cryptocurrency regulations.

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