JD.Com is Working With Blockchain Technology to Improve Food Safety

· 05 Mar 2018 in Crypto News, Home
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More important developments arrive at the blockchain stage. Some days ago we reported at UseTheBitcoin that the giant Chinese e-commerce platform,, was launching an accelerator program to promote Blockchain technology star-ups. Now, a report from Business Insider from March the 3rd says that JD is implementing a blockchain system to track the supply chain of its meat sales.

JD Meat Tracking Mechanism is working in order to implement a system that will allow customers to track the meat they buy from the farm where it was raised all the way to their fridges. Once the system becomes operational in the next months, customers will be able to check all the supply chain starting at the meat farm. Logo

In order to implement this tracking system, has partnered with an Australian beef producer known as HW Greenham & Sons Pty Ltd.

The truth is that the lack of food control causes thousands of deaths a year. With a blockchain tracking system, these deaths may be reduced. In China, counterfeit goods often evade controls. In August 2016, local authorities discovered 319 pigs that were contaminated with prohibited drugs. Among the drugs that the Chinese government fond we can mention salbutamol and clenbuterol.

With blockchain technology, these situations will be reduced to minimums and will boost consumer’s confidence. Within seconds, buyers are able to verify the origin of the meat.

Chief technology officer at JD, Chen Zhang, said:

“Consumers in China do not just want quality imported products, they want to know that they can trust how and where their food is sourced, and blockchain helps us deliver this peace of mind.”

Mr Zang has also stated that Chinese consumers will be sure about the products that they are consuming, the most important is to reassure consumers that they have bought “safe and reliable products for their families.”

Blockchain technology as a way to track food origins may reduce worldwide cases of salmonella and other important diseases. Walmart and IBM have also built a platform to remove recalled foods from their product list.

Image: CapitalWatch

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